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7 Quick Takes

1. I am married to a doctor!

My husband is now a Doctor. (D. Min.) I am so proud of him and this totally deserved a whole post onto itself.  He has worked so hard over the past 8 years juggling the doctorate program and work and family life.  He was selfless in all of it and always put the family first.  We have enjoyed the last few days.  We have just sat around and talked at night because we could, he did not need to study anymore! I have been calling him Dr. everyday. Our 5 yr old keeps on asking him when he will start healing people.  My husband has tried to explain to him that there are other types of doctors, but it has yet to stick. 

2. Sickness
We have been through our rounds of sickness lately.  And now it seems to be my turn.  I do not feel horrible, but I have a stuffy nose and have been coughing most of the week.  I have not run or exercised since Sunday.  I feel like a sloth and cannot wait until I can kick this cough out the door so I can exercise.

3.  Potty training
A has successfully passed through potty training.  Once over the "I will not go #2 on the potty" hurdle, it has been easy.  I rarely need to remind him to go.  Oh, the simple joys of life!

4. Banned from the Library

Well, not really.  But I am probably on their "Watch out for this lady" list.  Last week I put about 50 books on hold.  I do this every year.  I get a bunch of Christmas books from Elizabeth Foss' reading list and we read through them until Christmas.  Well, this year, they all seemed to come in at the same time and I checked out about 50 or so books on one day. The librarian looked a little annoyed and made a comment saying something along the lines of "I think you got all the Christmas books we have."  And she was not smiling or laughing when she said it.  I felt guilty, but then I remembered . . . "Isn't this the purpose of a library? And, aren't librarians hired to help us check out books?"

5.  Advent and Feast Days
I am really loving Advent this year.  The boys and I start our school day with a Jesse Tree reflection and our St Andrew Christmas Novena.  And I love praying Advent prayers at night.

6. Socks or shoes???
Does anyone else out there use SOCKS for St. Nicholas day?  Growing up, we would hang my father's dress socks on the fire mantle on the 5th so that St Nicholas could come that night and fill them with chocolate and fruit.  Since we do not have a fireplace, the boys just lay socks outside their bedroom door.  But we seem to be the ONLY family I know that uses socks and not shoes.  Please tell me we are not the only ones . . .

7. 98 days
98 more days until my second marathon, the Shamrock Marathon! Yikes! I need to get running!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Congratulations on your husband's doctorate! What an accomplishment!

  2. Congrats to you and the hubby on becoming a doctor! It's a sacrifice your whole family can celebrate!
    And it's great you take advantage of your library. That a good addiction!

  3. Wow, what an awesome achievement for your husband! That is such a long and difficult process.

  4. #1: Congratulations to your husband! My father-in-law has his D.Min so I can totally understand the time required!

    #6: If socks work, go with it. It's all about what works for you.

  5. I was seriously disappointed when I visited our local library this week and they had NO Christmas books. As in none, not a single, second rate, left over book. Guess now I know who to blame! ;-)

    And why oh why would you want Saint Nicholas to leave treats in your stinky old shoes???? Of course you leave a nice, clean sock for him to fill!!

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  6. Congrats to your husband!!

    We use shoes....and I am totally going to be at SHAMROCK!!! time for a meetup and it's only 98 days? I better get moving!!

  7. We use socks too :)


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