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2012 Goals

I have been trying to formulate these for a few weeks now.  And my goals for the new year span many different areas. So here we go:

1. Daily prayer time in the morning. 
Last year, at a Holy Hour, the priest mentioned 7 Daily Habits for a better spiritual life (from St Jose Maria Escriva) :
1. Morning Offering
2. Spiritual Reading/ Scripture Reading 15 minutes a day (12 min spiritual reading/ 3 min Scripture reading)
3. Holy Mass
4. Recitation of Angelus or Regina Coeli (Easter)
5. Rosary
6. 15 min mental prayer
7. Examination of Conscience at end of day

So, my plan is to, by the end of the year, do all 7 of these each day, with the exception of daily mass.  The boys and I will go to daily mass once a week.  As much as I would like to go everyday, it is an interruption to our school schedule and I have found that the more structured we can be with our school time, the better and faster it goes.

2. Rejoice in the Now
This comes from a lot of reflection through Advent.  I touched on it in this post, but never really gave any details.  Anyways, this is what I feel God is really telling me to focus on right now.  Rejoicing in the NOW.  Rejoicing in my husband, in my boys, in my house, in homeschooling, etc NOW.  The most practical way I can do this is to start up my Gratitude journal again.  I may just read One Thousand Gifts again.

3. Read all the books on my "To Read List". 
  Buy NO MORE BOOKS until all those books are read!

4. Homeschooling -
I think that we have improved so much in this area since the beginning of 2011. So, I am going to continue the trends and Goals we set for 2011 and add:
1.Become a bit better organized.  I want to plan better on my part.
2. Have fun with it and make learning fun!  Follow more of the leadings of the boys. More field trips.

5. The house-
There are a million projects I would love to get done in the house, but a few are a "musts";
1. Finish the kitchen- our mini-remodel has been in process for months!  By the end of February, it will be done.  Painted cabinets, new counter top, painted walls and a new floor!
2. Paint our bedroom- the pink needs to go!
3. Put new flooring in the spare bedroom upstairs

6. Running-
Run my second marathon and then I think I may hang up my 26.2 shoes!  I am finding that marathoning may not be for me. I stress when little set backs hit my training plan.  I need to see a chiropractor each week during training.  And my foam roller becomes my best friend.  Plus, just the amount of miles I need to log takes time away from family that I do not like.

I think I prefer the half marathon so much more.  Once at that distance, I have found it easy to maintain half marathon fitness.  Plus, the distance is great .. . the races are done fairly quickly and I can actually plan a full day for the rest of the day because I am not wiped out!

My half marathon goal for the year: a sub-2 hr!

So, here is the plan of races for the year:
1. High Cloud Snapple Half Marathon (1/29) - registered
2. Shamrock Marathon (3/18)- registered
3. Columbia Iron Girl Half Marathon (4/29)-planned
4. Frederick Half Marathon (5/6)- planned
6. Marine Corps 10K (10/?) - probably
7. Annapolis Half (11/?)- probably
8. some fun jingle bell jog
** Notice No late spring/summer races . . . . I am not a summer runner!!

Like last year, I want to run another race with J.  All of these races are close and no travel is needed except for the Shamrock Marathon.  I am doing this because we really need to tighten our budget up for . . .

7. Adoption
If you are a friend IRL and have seen my Facebook status, you know that we have put in an application to an Adoption agency.  Well, after the orientation call, we have decided to go with another agency.  It has nothing to to do with the agency itself, it has more to do with who will do the homestudy.  So, we have not contracted with an agency yet. But, will probably do so soon.  Our plan is to adopt a Waiting Child from China.  Maybe I will write a post about why we feel led in that direction, but for now, unless God leads us in another direction, we will most likely be traveling to China in 12-18months!  But for now, my goal for this is simple.  Just to continue to have the whole process covered in prayer and led by God.  Oh, and to have the whole adoption financed without too much stress!

8. Get up early and work out first thing in the morning 
I was good at this for most of 2011, but by November, I became a night time gym rat . . . and it is so hard to break that cycle.  So, my goal is to be at the gym by 5:30 AM each morning.

9. Eating
I am writing this one last in hopes that most people will have stopped reading by now, so I will not have to be accountable to it but, I am going gluten free for at least January!  I have been wanting to try it for months and am now ready to take the plunge . . . so for the next couple days, I may go on a bread binge . . . I LOVE warm bread with butter . . YUM!

I think that is it!!  I pray that you all enjoy the rest of 2011.  May you be abundantly blessed in 2012!


  1. Those are great goals.. esp the prayer ones. I really, really need to work on that. Thank you for this because it spoke to me.

  2. Those are some great goals. Don't think I could pull those off. Really like #7. Hoping your adoption goes smoothly.

  3. Hello fellow Tough Chik! Looking forward to following! My husband and I are planning on adopting sometime in the near future. We haven't started the process as we are moving, changing jobs and there are too many unknowns, but we are looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to hearing about your journey!


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