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Annapolis Half Race Recap

This past weekend I ran the Inaugural Annapolis Half Marathon.  When I first signed up for this race, my plan was to go for a PR and a sub-2 hour half.  About three weeks ago, my IT band started to feel sore again, so I scaled back my runs.  At the first sign of IT band trouble in a run, I would stop running and would cross train.  So, I dropped the idea of a sub- 2 half, and just went for a PR.

The race was supposed to begin a 7AM.  I live about 1/2 hr away from the race start and I planned on getting to the race about 45 min ahead of time.  Well, I got stuck in traffic.  The exit was all backed up and it was stop and crawl to get into the parking lot for the race.  It took me an hour and 15 min to get to the race and I got out of my car at 6:58 AM.  Luckily, most runners were stuck in the traffic too and they delay the start by 15 min.  I am not sure why the traffic was so bad.  I have been to this venue for races before and have never had problems getting into the parking lot before.

Since I was late I had to line up at the BACK of the start.  This really hurt me in the first mile that ended up being 30 sec slower than my goal pace.  Around mile 2 the crowd spread out a bit and I was able to get to a nice pace.  The rest of the miles went by pretty quickly.  The bridge always slows me down, but I was able to get back up to pace quickly.  After crossing the bridge at around mile 6, we headed over to the B&A trail . . . . it was TIGHT!!  There was barely room to pass!  It was also around this time that I began to notice I was getting comfortable.  My breathing had settled in and I felt good . . . too good . . . I knew what that meant . . . I was not running hard enough.  I decided to pick up the pace and was feeling really good when I ran over the split mats.  The man there was yelling out, "This is your 10 mile spilt."  I looked down at my Garmin which read 9.6 miles.  I thought it was strange, but thought he must be off.  It was around this time too, that I realized I would get my PR.  Soon we were headed back over the bridge and then I knew we were only about 2 miles away from the finish.

At about 12.1 miles (according to my Garmin), there was a race volunteer yelling, "You only have .6 miles to go!" I looked down at my Garmin. I was still under 2 hours.  At that point I was not sure if my Garmin was off or the race course was off, but I began to BOOK it to the finish.  I knew that I would be close to a sub-2 hour half.  I crossed the finish line at 2:00.36.  My Garmin read 12.71 miles.  I was not sure what was going on, but I knew that I did not run fast enough for a sub-2 half, so something must have been off with the course. And, sure enough, there was.  Most people wrote on the race's FB page that the course was short and when comparing the map from the Garmins to the map on the race's website, there was a block that we were supposed to run down that, obviously, no one did!  (The man who was supposed to mark the course and put out the mile markers, broke his foot that moring, so it was just a mistake that no one could have foreseen!)

I was very pleased with how I ran the half. I was on track to PR even if the course were the full 13.1.  Now, I just have an exaggerated PR that I look forward to CRUSHING in my next half marathon.  I felt good the whole race and there was not even so much as a twinge out of my IT band!

Overall, the race was great. Beside the parking issue and the short course, I think the race was great for an Inaugural race.  It was fun.  The after party seemed nice.  I did not stay. It was cold and all I wanted to do was get a nice hot cup of coffee!  The medal was beautiful! Seriously, the best I have gotten.  And, they gave all finisher's a hat (which I was so happy about . . . I needed another running hat).  Plus, instead of a t-shirt, the race premium was a jacket, which, was also very nice. And, to top it off, this is my FAVORITE time of year to run (I am contemplating another half before the end of the year). So, as you may guess, I would do this race again next year!


  1. Congrats Katie! Either way....short or not sounds like a great time!

  2. OH my goodness! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Wooohooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Great job!!!! That's an awesome jacket and medal!


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