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7 Quick Takes

1. Back to Blogging
I have stopped wearing the splint on my thumb.  I still cannot use it much, as it hurts when I do, but it has a bit more mobility, so I feel like I can type without "hunting and pecking."

2. Back to work in the kitchen
I started our minor kitchen re-do in September, about one week before I broke my thumb.  Now, over a month later, only one set of cabinets has been painted and two others are bare, with the doors off.  But not much longer.  I started to paint again this week.  After several failed attempts at making them look nice (it is hard to paint metal cabinets after all), I think I have finally found what works.  I am hoping we have all of the kitchen projects done before Christmas.

3. Homeschooling
Have not talked about this much, but it is going really well.  Things are clicking and this is the first year I can say that I am enjoying it.  All boys are working well, without (much) complaint.

4. We are not home yet.
A friend, and blogger, announced that they were moving.  It seems to be happening a lot lately.  Other friends moved about an hour a way, and still more friends just moved as well.  While we were praying they stay close (they lived about 3/4 of a mile from us), we knew it was possible they might not.  Luckily, they moved slightly closer to us.  Anyways, behind this rambling, I do have a point.  All of this moving has had me thinking.  We are not home yet.  As much as I love the town we live in.  A town we may be in for the rest of our lives, I am becoming keenly aware of the fact that all of us are transitory.  We are on a journey to somewhere else.  We are not home yet.  And will not be home until we reach the arms of our Father.

5." Until you find paradise where you are, you will not be happy."
Another flip side of so many people moving is that it has got me thinking, "Lord, are we where You want us?" Are we meant to move? Where?  And, immediately, I think that I would be happier wherever we ended up. In a different neighborhood in the same town. Or somewhere else entirely. And the above quote keeps coming back to me.  A priest that used to be at a parish in our town mentioned it at a holy hour about a year ago.  And he mentioned it again in a homily at a women's retreat just two weeks ago.  His spiritual diercor said it to him.  And it stays with me.  Until I am happy here.  Until I am at peace here, there is no other place that will make me happy.

6. Running the Race
Next weekend I will be running the MCM 10K for the Run for Vocations team again.  I was supposed to run the marathon, but after having intermittent chest pain for several months, I decided that marathon training was probably not the best idea until I got the chest pains figured out.  And although I have a stress test next week,  I, and the Dr., are pretty convinced that I did something to my chest/shoulder/back that is causing the chest pains.  Just one upper body weight workout at the gym has me convinced!  Back to the race . . . I have no goals for it yet.  Part of me wants to try to PR and another part of me wants to just have fun.  I have a client running it and this is her first 10K.  I may offer to run with her. I don't know.  Anyone have any advice????

7. Trackn' It
For the first time EVER, I am trying speed work.  I have done hill work and repeats at the track lately.   I like it.  My most favorite track workout was when I did 1/2 mile repeats.  It was raining a little and it was dark. So dark I could not see my Garmin.  And you know what?  I ran every repeat right around a 7:20 min/mile pace!  I did not think it would be possible for me to run that consistently without constantly checking my pace on my Garmin.  We will see if all of this speed work pays off.  I hope so!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Glad your hand is healing well.
    Really interesting thoughts about moving and contentment ~ thank you!

  2. Love the quote from your true.

    Your running is going well. Are you still barefoot?

    I am thinking about a full marathon in June. YIKES!

  3. I say run the race with your friend. There will be no pressure and you can just relax and have fun. That's what I did in Washington when I ran with my brother for his first half. It was the most fun I've ever had in a race.


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