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7 Quick Takes - Natural Disasters, Emergency Prep, and Plans gone awry

1. Earthquake

We live about 15 miles outside of DC, so we felt the earthquake.  All of the boys were in the living room and I was, ironically, checking the Annapolis Striders website to see if they had info about the Annapolis 10 miler race this weekend and how it may be affected by another natural disaster, Irene, and the house began to shake and I heard a rumble.  I thought it was just a large truck of some kind coming down the road.  I got up and started walking toward the front window.  The whole house was swaying and the pictures on the wall were rattling.  My oldest looked at me and asked me what it was.  I said, "I think it may be an earthquake."  Now, I know NOTHING about what you are supposed to do in an earthquake, so I decided I wanted to go outside. I walked through the kitchen and my oldest followed and stopped right in front of our glass china cabinet that was rattling.  I saw him standing there and yelled, "Get on the couch."  I covered them all in pillows (like that would save them!).  By the time they were all covered, it had stopped.  Afterward, we all went outside to talk with neighbors and I called my hubby who works downtown.  Nothing important broke.

Cancelled.  Darn Irene.  But, although it would have been a fun race if it were a nice day, I was not looking forward to running it in the rain and wind.  And, the only reason I signed up for this one is because they have an awesome finisher's gift (yes, I can be shallow).

  Luckily, the Annapolis Striders are working out a way that we can still get it.

3. Irene
I have never been in an earthquake before this week and I have never been in a hurricane either.  Looks like, before the weekend is out, I will have experienced both.  Irene is coming up the coast.

4. Emergency Preparedness
I am not one to fall into panic and go buy out the stores, but I was with half the town at the store this morning.  We are ready for Irene.  We have water, food, and an emergency radio. The car is filled with gas (not like we are driving anywhere during the storm). And we have books and movies, lots and lots of books and movies.  I went to two libraries today.  We are stocked. 

5. No more vacation
We were supposed to leave for our annual vacation to Cape Cod this weekend.  But, changed our plans due to Irene.  Somehow being on piece of land that sicks out into the Atlantic and is surrounded by water during a hurricane does not sound like a peaceful vacation.  So, instead, we are probably going to go to the tropical, sandy, sun-filled, BUFFALO. Yes, reallyBuffalo.

6. Other dashed plans
Our kitchen remodel has been permanently put on hold.  There is a glimmer of hope it can still happen, but I am not holding my breath.  There are lots of reasons why it is not going to happen now.  But, we have figured out creative ways to update what we do have that will involve a minimal amount of construction work on our part.  Once the project is complete, I will post pictures.

This is totally random, but I am seriously impressed with this adoption agency.  They have been wonderful and we have not even committed to using this agency yet.

Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting.


  1. When Hurricane Bob hit Cape Cod, we lost power for a whole week! I remember eating a lot of meals cooked on the grill...

  2. I can agree on a lot here- earthquake stuff and hurricane preparidness. I think we're stocked, but then again, we don't have a radio. I think I don't care enough to have one, but then again, if something did happen, I'd probably really wish I had one. God Bless you all this weekend! Hope this thing dies down before it hits us!


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