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7 Quick Takes

1. This week is the first week of the summer that we have had NOTHING to do.  No camps, no lessons, no trips.  And it has been . . . . WONDERFUL.  I purposefully have kept us home most of the time.   It has been great too because one of my children desperately needs some consistency and this week has provided that.  It has gone so well, that we may just need to do this again next week.

2.  I am not running right now.  Shocker, right? Problem, too, especially since I am supposed to be training for a marathon.  It is a long story, but to make it short . . . I have had chest pains for the last several months.  I do not feel chest pain while doing Insanity or any other exercise EXCEPT running.  And it is not bad while running, but it is miserable for the rest of the day and night after running.  I have been to the Dr and he is convinced that it is somehow caused by scar tissue build up that is pulling on my rib cage causing a lot of muscle tightness and he says I just need 'body work" (It makes me sound like a car, doesn't it??). He scheduled me for an echo cardiogram just in case, which will be next week.  I have been to a massage therapist and chiropractor and felt better, so I figured I would be fine running.  But after feeling miserable after a 5 mile run on Monday, I have decided to wait until after the echo cardiogram to run again.  But that means, I am staring to get grumpy.  I have not worked out since Monday (except with clients) and I am a bit stir crazy.

3. We are getting ready to remodel our kitchen.  I am really not a fan of our 50 year old metal cabinets and the gold speckled counter tops.  We have saved up money for this ever since we purchased the house 7 years ago and now is finally the time to get it done.  We are not doing anything extravagant, although I would like quartz/silestone counter tops (they are expensive!!).  But, I never realized how much work it would take just to get the kitchen done. We are doing this as cheaply as possible, so we are not hiring one of those "kitchen design companies" that does it all for you.  And I am finding it is quite stressful. We are hoping to get it done before September, so there is a lot to do in the next couple of weeks if we are going to pull it off!

4. We have done school this week.  Can I admit? I have loved it! I am realizing that one of my children needs it for retention purposes.  I guess we are becoming one of those families that does school all year.

5. I am in search of a good novel to read.  Any suggestions?

6. It is going to be another HOT day here.  I guess we will be heading to the pool!

7. I have a great recipe to share soon. For now, all I will say is that I love Clean Eating Magazine.

Have a great weekend everyone!  Thanks Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting!


  1. We went with silestone counters when we built this house three years ago and although they are expensive, they are worth every penny. I love mine. Antibacterial, no maintenance, heat and stain resistant and a speckled chocolate color that hides everything.

    I just finished reading The Shack and really liked it. I'm not sure what you like to read but when I'm looking for a quick fun read, lately I've pulled a Carl Hiaasen book out. Not literary genius, but fun and entertaining.


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