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7 Quick Takes - Some Friday Randomness

1. Marathon What??

I think I am in denial. In 120 days, I am going to be running in a little race (just 26.2 miles) with 30,000 of my closest friends.  I should be training for this, right?  I really need to get my training schedule put together and get my body running.  I mean, I am running now, but I really need to RUN.  By next week, the training schedule will be done and on the wall.

2.  No more laundry
Our washing machine has been slowly breaking over the last month and it washed its last load two days ago.  About a month ago the sensor that sensed when the washer was full of water broke.  How did I find out?  By the inches of water on the laundry room floor that even seeped out of the foundation of our house to the outside.  Well, after procrastinating in getting it fixed and just hanging around the washer to manually move it to the next cycle, the motor burned out.  The washer is done for.  We need to go buy a new one this weekend before we have no more clothes to wear.

3.  Our dog is in the house??
This morning I put Rosie outside.  I just noticed she is back in the house.  And the screen door is closed and locked.  How did she get in? She crawled through the giant hole in the bottom of the screen.  Every year we have to replace the screen on that door.  I am really not sure how it gets so ripped up, but it does.  I guess it is time for the annual replacement of the screen.

4. The fab four
Do you all know who I am talking about??  The Beatles.  John, Paul, George, and Ringo.  A friend of ours just had a baby boy and named him John-Paul.  You know, after the Pope.  But, every time I look at the birth announcement and see his name, I mentally rattle off "John, Paul, George, and Ringo" and want to break out into a Beatles song.  Maybe it is the fact that this baby's middle name starts with the "soft G" sound as well (just like George does).  Who knows.  I explained it to my husband and he assured me that I am probably the only person that thinks of the Beatles when they meet a baby John Paul.   Please tell me there is some else out there that does the same thing????

5.  A Thank You
I want to thank you all who read this post and commented, sent me a email or message on Facebook.  I struggled with posting that post and now I know that it was the right thing to do.  It is good to know that others out there are praying for me and that I am not alone in that struggle.

6.  Finishing the table
About four weeks ago I started to refinish our kitchen table.  Well, as soon as this post is over, I will put the final coat of polyurethane on it!!  With having people over for dinner over the weekend and my oldest stating, at breakfast this morning, "Mom, I am tired of eating at a card table." I am getting it done today!!  Eating at a card table for weeks has proven to be a challenge.  There has been kicking under the table, milk getting spilled because of a slight jiggle of the table, and kids getting grouchy because they are sitting too close to each other,  I will be thankful when we are back at our big table, but I am already trying to figure out the major consequence given to the first child who scratches that table . . . .

7.  No plans
Other than having dinner with some friends and family, we have made no major plans for this holiday weekend.  How about you??

Thanks Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting!  Have a great 4th everyone!


  1. Good luck getting a new washer and solidifying your training schedule.

    Persuasion ~ just getting started but so far really like it. Not sure yet is it will top P&P which is my favorite but may very well surpass S&S.

    Happy July!

  2. Our washer is on its decline as well. We are also procrastinating about purchasing another one. Its seriously annoying to buy a new one when you live in the sticks:D hahaha

    I dont know why you would want to run....but, good luck with that;D


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