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This runner needs some Insanity in her day

It has been almost a full three weeks since I decided to up my workouts and revamp my eating.  It was not bad before, but I want to be a faster runner and I really wanted to be in better shape overall.  After some research, I decided to try Insanity by Beachbody.  I would NOT pay full price for it, so I watched it on ebay for a while and finally got it at a good price. 

I was attracted to Insanity because the workouts average 40 min, there are NO weights involved and it is based on high intensity interval training.  I had gotten bored with my regular weight training, so I needed something new.

After two and a half weeks, I have to say that I LOVE doing Insanity.  I have lost over 6 lbs already and I can see better definition in my legs and arms.  The workout involves a good deal of stretching and, this runner does not stretch nearly enough, so this is so good.  I have had lots of weakness in my hip flexors and during the first week, I could feel my hip flexors and core getting a good workout.  Strong hip flexors and core = faster running and less injuries.

What I love about Insanity:
- You do not do the same workout everyday.  There are 13 different videos that are in a rotation over 60 days. For more info, go here.
- The videos are real.  They are filmed like a reality show.  The people working out with Shawn T. are in great shape, but the video shows them taking breaks and resting during the workout.  Seeing them struggle makes me feel like it is ok that I struggle too.
- Shawn T. is great at explaining the exercises.
- It is HIGH Intensity! Love it!!
- I can do it at home.  Now that my hubby is biking more, we need to juggle our workout schedules.  When he wants it ride in the AM, I just put in the Insanity DVD at home and I am done in 40 min.
- It is making me a stronger runner.

What I do not like about Insanity:
 - It is a tough workout.  There are a lot of pylometric moves and form is EXTREMELY important.  I would not put this video in the hands of someone who does not have a good basic level of fitness or someone how does not understand proper form. Shawn T. does a great job of stressing proper form.  As a personal trainer, I would be concerned about someone not following proper guidance.

I am planning on sticking to Insanity for the 60 days (while I begin my marathon training . . .yikes!!).  I am looking forward to being stronger!


  1. Yay for finding a workout program you like.
    BTW the random other post selection at the bottom showed Elisabeth Lesuer ~ just got her "Secret Diary" ~ so excited!

  2. o good now i can borrow yours...been watching this at the gym and it looks intense and me!!!


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