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Run for the Dream Half Marathon Race recap

So, this was the race I wanted to PR at.  I will start with, I did not PR.  I finished about 10 minutes slower than my PR.  And I am OK with that.

The weekend had been long before Sunday morning.  Friday was packed with activity and Saturday was stuffed!  I was on my feet most of the day Saturday and by the afternoon I was tired.  Which got me worried about how the race would go the next day.  My nutrition had not been great while travelling either.  Greasy pizza is not usually on my menu for race week, but this week, it was (twice)!  I kept my water intake up, but even with that I did not feel like I was going into the race day in the best position I could be in.

When I woke up Sunday morning, I was exhausted.  Normally, race day adrenaline gets me moving fast in the morning of the race, but this morning, it was not working.  I got ready for the race, ate and  then headed down to get the shuttle.

The race start was neat.  The Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drum Corp played and marched the runners into the corrals.  At 7:30 AM we were off and running.  With a short trip through William and Mary's Campus, we headed straight into Colonial Williamsburg.

Now, I had no real, good plan for this race. I wanted to PR and I knew the pace I had to keep to do that, but I was not sure how to run the race.  I have been using the Jeff Galloway run/walk method for most of my longer runs, but thought I might just run this race without walking. Somewhere in mile 1 I figured that would be a bad idea. I know I can run faster when I take walk breaks, so keeping them up would be my best shot at getting a PR.

By mile 2, I really had to find a port-a-potty.  Not good.  Other than my marathon, I have successfully avoided using port-a-potties during races.  But not this day.  The ones on the race course were full with a line, but luckily Colonial Williamsburg had a few right off the course that were there due to the concert the night before, so I ran over to them.  That slowed me down a bunch and my stomach was still bothering me, but I was able to keep at or below my goal pace for the next few miles.  Then I started to slow.  The course was beautiful, but it did have rolling hills.  We ran down Colonial Parkway down to the James River.  It was really breathtaking. 

By mile 8, I knew I would not be able to PR.  By mile 10, my stomach was done.  I needed to figure out a way to calm my stomach down or find a port-a-potty.  I passed the port-a-potties and decided to risk continuing on.  I figured I could finish faster if I tried to walk it off. Luckily, that worked, but I had to take it slow.  Anytime, I started to speed up my stomach started acting up again (I think that is why I look like I am barely walking in this photo . . . I really am running here!!).

Mile 12 - Why do they wait until I am hot, sweaty and tired to take my photo???
I headed into the stadium for the last .2 of a mile around the track to the finish line. I ran as fast as I could and actually passed a few people along the way.

Chip time: 2:17:30
 As soon as I was done, I quickly drank a bottle of water and a chocolate milk and headed to the after party.  I grabbed my food and sat down to cool off and try to eat.  One of the foods was a BBQ pork sandwich . . . I ate half of it and felt so sick.  What was I thinking?  The finish was a long walk away from the where we were to get the bus back to the hotel . . . I was not up for it.  Plus, there was this cute running skirt on sale for $15 that I wanted and I had NO money on me, so I called my hubby to pick me up.  I walked to the street.  Got there and realized, I needed to find the port a potties again.  I seriously was like that for the next two hours!  This was the first race that I felt SICK after.  There were times I felt light headed and like I could faint . . . all due to my stomach.  I layed down at the hotel for a while after my shower and ate pretzels and that seemed to help.  The strange thing was was that I was not sore at all.  My legs felt good.  So good, that I felt fine to walk around Busch Gardens for the rest of the afternoon after my stomach recovered.  (We had a GREAT time at Busch Gardens!)

Even with the stomach issues, from start to finish, I loved this race.  We love to go to Willimasburg and it was really such a great experience to run there!  The race was well organized and the course was beautiful (and most of it was well shaded too . . a big plus for a sunny, warm day).  And I felt that I ran well.  I may not have PR'ed, but I felt like I ran as well as I could.


  1. Oh, no your poor stomach! Aside from those issues I'm happy to read that you enjoyed the beautiful course and that the race was so nice. I still think you did an awesome job time-wise. :)


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