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7 Quick Takes - The "what a week" edition

1. If you read my previous post, you know that my grandfather passed away.  The funeral is on Saturday.  I would have been somewhere around mile 18 in the National Marathon (my first marathon) at the time I will now be at my grandfather's funeral mass.

2.  By the time you read this post, we will be packed up and headed North for the funeral.  It is cool here, but they just got 6 inches of snow there on Tuesday.  Their high for Saturday is our low.  I am not looking forward to the cold.

3. Wednesday was a HARD day for me.  I have really not been sad for my grandfather's passing.  Since he went in the hospital last week, we knew it was coming and we knew he was ready.  I truly am happy for him and that happiness that his pain is over, truly overcomes all of my sadness for losing him in my own life.  So why was Wednesday so hard?  It was the day that the funeral plans were confirmed and that I knew for sure that I would not be able to run the National Marathon.  When I opened my email up that afternoon and saw an email from the Suntrust National Marathon with the title "Final Instructions", I cried like a baby.

4. For those normal people (AKA: non-runners) reading this, it may seem hard to understand why I would get so upset over not being able to run my first marathon.  Let me try to put this another way.  Imagine you have a goal. Something you have wanted to achieve for a long time.  Six months before you are ready to achieve the goal, you start to plan.  You pick the day.  You map out, week by week, what you will do to get to that goal.  About 4 months out from the goal, the planning and work to achieve the goal becomes more intense.  You spend hours a week working hard.  Sometimes HOURS a day.  You sacrifice time with family and friends.  Finally, the week, when all of your months of hard work comes to fruition, is here.  You are nervous, you are excited. You visualize reaching your goal.  You have put the work in.  You are ready.  Then, days before you are to reach your goal, something happens, out of your control, and you are not even given the chance to reach your goal.  Dissapointing, isn't it?

5.  And, honestly, for most of the day Wednesday, I was very dissapointed. I wanted to give up.  I wanted to forget about the marathon for good.  I prayed about it and by the end of the day felt like I needed to press on.  So I started to look for some marathons in the area.

6. And I found this one.  The Garden Spot Village Marathon.  It is my only viable option.  Contrary to what people think, there is not a marathon everywhere every weekend (at least that would fit in my budget and my family's schedule).  It is the opposite of the National really.  It is small, and the National is fairly large.  It is in Amish country (ie: farmland on backroads) and the National is in the heart of DC.  I chose the National for my first because (1) it was close to home, I could drive down the morning of the race (2) there were enough people running it that I would have runners around me most of the time (3) and the crowd support would be fairly good. And eventhough this other marathon has none of that, I do not think I will mind the smaller race.  I am used to running alone and I think I will enjoy running through farm country.  It will remind me of where I grew up. Plus, its medal is fairly cute:

7. The only problem: It is two weeks away.  Which means I would be in taper for that.  But I just fininshed my taper?  I am worried that I would not be as prepared for this marathon as I could be.  I will not be able to get any running in this weekend.  Between the funeral and 16 hours in the car (total), I doubt I will be running at all.  I am not going to make any decisions about the marathon until after the weekend.  I will let ya'll know what I decide!

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Will be holding your family in prayer this weekend. And I live just outside of Philadelphia (so within a couple hours of Lancaster) please let me know if I could be of any help for the new marathon.

  2. Just up one more week of miles then taper again. What ever you decide I pray you are at peace. :)

  3. :( I feel so bad for you! I could tell from your blogs how very excited you were for the marathon. Everything happens for a reason is sometimes so very hard to swallow- sending you prayers and good vibes.

  4. So sorry for both of your losses.

  5. So sorry for both of your losses.

  6. Just catching up and I'm so sorry about your grandfather.

    I also want you to know that I totally understand your disappointment about the race. I think you'll do fine for the one in 2 weeks. I traveled prior to this one so I actually tapered much longer than I should have but I still made it. You're prepped. Go for it!


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