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Supporting Priests

We live in an amazing community.  Our parish priest is incredible.  He is a strong, faithful priest who serves our parish so beautifully.  He gives incredible, prayerful homilies that urge those who hear them to draw closer to Christ and to grow in their love for the Church. 

A younger priest in our town, at a parish just a few miles down the street from our parish, started Holy Hours for women twice a month and for men once a month.  He hears confession at these Holy Hours and makes himself available for confession after daily mass.  His reflections at the Holy Hours "hit home" and I can see a difference in myself and my prayer life because of the opportunities of frequent confession and Holy Hours.

We are surrounded by many other faithful priests too.  We have a priest friend whom we have dinner with regularly and whom our boys love.  He has been a wonderful example to the boys that priests are just normal people.  Through my husband's work, we have been blessed to meet so many great men who have answered the call to the priesthood and who are joy filled examples of what it means to say yes to God and the call of the priesthood.

Why am I writing all this?  Other than rambling, I wanted to say that I think it is important to support priests and tell them how much we appreciate their dedication to their vocation, to the Church, and to us, the laity.   Priests are overworked and, in my opinion, get more negative feedback than positive.  We need to uplift them and support them.  What can we do for our priests?

1. Pray for them.  Pray that the Holy Spirt may strengthen them.  Pray for seminarians that they may be strengthened in their call to the priesthood.  Pray for holy men to answer the call to the priesthood.

2. Tell them when you were touched by a homily or thank them when they uphold the Church's teaching boldly in a homily.   We need this type of preaching.  The Church needs this type of preaching and our priests need to know that we support them.  This can be done immediately after mass, but I think it is even more special to take the time to write a thank you note; handwritten (not an email), to tell the priest that you appreciated the homily.

3. Thank the priest for the time he takes to offer extra opportunities for your spiritual growth.  Let him know how much it means to you and how it has helped your faith life. 

4. Invite him over to dinner. Allow him to experience your family life.

And I know I have posted this video several times . . . but I will leave you with the trailer from Fishers of Men:


  1. What a beautiful video. Ive never see it so thank you for sharing it again. Ill make sure I show some appreciation for our priests:)

  2. love that video! We are blessed with awesome priests in our parish too. Thanks for posting these great suggestions!


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