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7 Quick Takes

1.  Last week I mentioned we had some exciting news.  Well, my husband got a new job!  He will no longer be working for the Archdiocese of Washington, but now for the Church on the national level.  I am so proud of him.  If you know us and know anything about the Church and what would be at the national level, you can search for the press release.  Since the press release, he has gotten calls from people whom he went to Francisan University of Steubenville with to say they read the press release and wanted to wish him congratulations.  Someone from the admissions office for Franciscan called to congratulate him too!  I am happy for my husband as this is a promotion.  The other bonuses: no more night and weekend hours, we do not have to move since the job is just 5 min away from where he already works, and it's a pay raise :)

2.  Marathon training. (Warning: if you do not like whining, please skip to #3):  It is HARD. Even my 7 yr old, when I say, "It is really hard." , responds to me "Mom, its supposed to be hard.  It's 26 miles!"  Why does he have to be so smart?  Anyways, this week I am paying for last week's mistakes.  Last week I felt great after every run, so I let my normal routine slide.  I might have forgotten to ice and stretch a few times.  OK, most days.  Now, my muscles are in knots.  My legs are sore and my runs this week have been tolerable at best.  Plus, I have not been sleeping enough, so I am running on E.  This week I am trying to get back on track.  Yesterday, I took a 2 1/2 hour nap while A was napping, and my foam roller and I have become reacquainted.  I am at the peak of my mileage.  Right now, I really cannot wait for the marathon to be over.  I love running, but do not love my legs feeling like this.  Is feeling like this normal?

3. Homeschooling: In yesterday's post, I mentioned that I have been trying new things with our homeschooling.  I wrote that post about two weeks ago now and it was just auto posted.  So far, our new plan has been going really well. J is working harder which has given me more time to really work with K and A.  I think both K and A will start reading at the same time!  J has not complained when I have asked him to do his work over.  But, the thing that I love most about our new plan is that, each day at the end of school, I ask J how he feels he did at school and whether he feels he did well enough to earn a sticker.  I would have expected, that as a boy of 7, who desperately wants a Lego castle, he would say yes without even hesitating, but each day he gives a very thoughtful and in depth answer.  And, he has had a few days where he has said that he did not earn a sticker.  He is so mature for his age!

4.  J's first communion is on May 1st!  I cannot believe it is so close.  This week we got a letter in the mail, from our parish, stating that we have to attend a meeting for all first communicants.  J is in CCD Sat, mornings, so we have been prepared for all that comes.  But,the letter did state that they do not want any absences after March 5th.  Which is fine, but J really wants to come to the National Marathon (March 26, my husband would come down towards the end).  Plus, that morning there is a children's 1 mile run called the Monumental Mile in conjunction with the marathon.  J really wants to run it and be at the marathon, but that means he would have to miss, at least a a part of, CCD.  I am not sure what to do.  On one hand, J only misses CCD for illnesses.  So this would be one of the two classes he would have missed.  I do not like to pull him out of CCD for sports, etc.  I think that CCD should be priority. But, this is just once.  What would you do?

5. I have a giveaway going on.  A $20 gift certificate to the DaySpring website.  They have some amazing Christian home decor items, jewelry, books, etc.  Go enter!!

6.  The pinewood derby is this Sunday!  J has a great attitude about it.  I have been worried about how he would react if he did not win.  And, since we are letting him do everything on the car, there is a good possibility he will not win.  We have talked about it.  Then, out of the blue, J asked me, "Mom when you race, you usually finish in the middle, right?"  I looked at him, not sure where he was going with it and said, "Yes, most races I have finished somewhere in the middle.  But, with the marathon, I will probably be closer to the end. Why?"  He just responded, "Mom, I will be happy if my car finished in the middle."  One more reason that is was a good decision that I took up running . . . so many life lessons for the boys. 

7. The weather has been BEAUTIFUL here the past few days.  I was actually able to wear one of my running skirts yesterday!  I am so happy warmer weather is here.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Sounds like you are really doing a great job with your boys - so smart, so mature, so sweet!

    I would skip CCD, I'm sure you are teaching him WAY more than he is learning there anyway :)

    What a great 1st Communion Day - the Beatification of JP2!

  2. congratulations to your husband!
    I think missing part a class would be fine ~ good luck to you both!


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