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7 Quick Takes

1. I woke up at 4 AM on Wednesday to get ready to meet one on my Personal Training clients and I promplty realized I was SICK!  I texted her and went back to bed.  I did not move from the bed or couch for most of the day.

2.  And because I was sick Wednesday, I missed two of my training runs this week.  Normally, that would stress me out, but I was a little less worried about it.  After running 18 miles for my long run this past weekend, I realized that I will be fine running the marathon.

3.  I think one of the reasons I got sick was because of all of my running.  I have been running A lot. I ran 108 miles in January. And I have gotten into a bad habit of running in the evenings.  Which means, I am too wired to go to bed early. So, I have not gotten enough sleep. And I have not been eating as healthy as I normally do.  It all adds up to one run down Katie.

4. Speaking of eating, I have been eating tons lately.  I am constantly hungry.  I can see why people who run one marathon end up running more.  It is because your appetitie increases so much to support all of that running and if you stop running, and continue to eat as much food as you did while training for the marathon, you will gain a lot of weight! But seriously, next week, I need to get back to my clean eating ways!

5.  The boys did not do school on Wednesday because I was sick.  And, because of that one day off, Thursday was miserable.  J ended up doing school until 4 PM!  I had to laugh at him though.  As he was doing a math worksheet, he would moan after each problem!! 

6.  I may be slightly insane for saying this, but I am sad that we missed out on all the snow that so much of the country got.  We have some snow on the ground, but I was really hoping for more.

7.  I think we are in need to a field trip soon.  Maybe the National Building Museum or Mount Vernon.

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  1. Oh my goodness...18 miles?!?! You are AMAZING. Eat whatever you want, I know I would!

    13.1 is the longest I've ever run, and now even that seems impossible. You keep running for all of us who can't and take care of yourself!

  2. My parents got 18 inches and I am incredibly jealous. I really love snow--even after last year.

  3. I hope you are feeling better.
    Either field trip sounds like great fun ~ have fun.
    BTW I really enjoyed your marriage post earlier this week ( I don't always have the time to comment as often as I would like).

  4. I hope you're feeling better! Awesome miles for January!

  5. 108 miles is certainly blog worthy! But I suspect that it's the lack of sleep that's done you in. I habitually run well into the 170's/month (not now, sprained Fankle). SO -go to BED, rest, and fuel your body - Marathon Training requires Dedication, Hard Work and SLEEP.
    National Marathon... so jealous. I will NOT be running it, (sad), though I am registered (typical). I Just wanted to comment that you need to relax. It's a marathon, it will take a while. Do not stress about the "sweeper". Here's a little thought I have about pacing for the marathon... and I don't know you so I could be WAY off base... For your first marathon, you will probably run it pretty close to your actual training pace. Not a lot of people are able to run their training pace minus 1 minute, even if they do that for a 10K or Half Marathon. It's something about that last 6 miles... So as I said, just relax, note your "I could go ALL day pace" (look at your Daily Mile stats, you can probably recall a day that felt like that?), and then test that pace on one of your 20 mile runs. You're going to be great, and I will be there on the side lines to cheer for you & all the other Bloggies running past!

  6. It seems when I do double work outs I get sick. I'm nervous about that because I really need to be doing this since I have a half IM in August.. It does wear me down. Hope you rest up and feel better soon!!


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