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2011 Goals

Obviously, one of my goals for the New Year is NOT timeliness! I have been pondering goals for the New Year. Some are still more abstract than others. Others came only through prayer and God’s gentle nudging through scripture, homilies, etc.
So, without further ado, here are my goals for the year.

1. Pray more. Pray the divine office every morning. There is something about the rhythm of the Divine office that I need and crave right now.

2. Make a Holy Hour once a week.

3. Regular date nights with my hubby

4. Read all the books on my “To Read” book list.

5. Continue to strive toward my “ideal day.” This one is much more abstract but encompasses many other things to make it happen. My ideal day means:

                    a. Getting up early and exercising first thing in the morning (5:30 AM at the latest)

                    b. Come home, get ready for the day and eat and pray BEFORE the boys wake up.

                    c. Start school by 9 AM at the latest.

                    d. Do not even turn the computer on until after school is done for the morning.

                    e. Have reading time with all the boys.

                   f. Have special time with A (since he seems to get lost in the shuffle while we are doing school).

                  g. PLAY with the boys. Play a game. Play tickle tag. Football. Whatever. We just need to
                      have fun and laugh.

And although I call this my ideal day, it is not a perfect day and therefore totally attainable each and every day. The key is consistency in the morning. If I can start my morning off right, most things fall into place the rest of the day.

6. Attain my goal weight. I will not tell you what it is, but I am not there yet. I could go into the whole psychology of why, after a year and a half of regular exercise and eating well, that I have not reached my goal weight, but that doesn’t matter. This year it is mine!
7. Be less anxious. I stress way too much. And, really, if I do #1, 2 and 3, I will be a lot less stressed!
8. Plan dinners once a week for the whole week. Pick clean meal options. Plan every meal for the day for myself the night before.

9. Invite more people over. Invite people over for a play dates or dinner at least twice a month. I am horrible at this. For the longest time, I gave the excuse of “I am introvert.” I do not naturally think to invite people over. And, when my husband thinks to, I say the house is messy, or give a million excuses why it cannot happen that day. But, this is the year to work on this. And, I felt like this is one that God is calling me to tackle this year. The reason? One of my reasons for not inviting people over is that most people we know have more kids than we do and our house is small. Is our house too small to have a large family over? No. But, I limited myself. Some of it is my fear of being judged by the size of my house or the fact that we have 40 yr old metal kitchen cabinets, and bathrooms to match. As silly as that fear may seem to others, it has been very real to me. And then, this Christmas Season, God hit me over the head a few times concerning it. First, was at a holy hour when the priest mentioned that Jesus, God made man, was born in a CAVE and laid to rest in a feeding trough. Suddenly, through this simple reminder, I was reminded that if a simple cave, a place where animals fed was good enough for the KING of KINGS; our house was good enough for me to invite others over. Second, was when we hosted a Posada at our house. As we were reading the script for the day, these lines, struck me:

“Come in Holy Pilgrims, you are welcome to this humble dwelling, that even though it is poor and simple . . . I offer it to you with all of my heart.”
It is not the size of the dwelling, or whether it has the newest gadgets. It is not even whether you make a gourmet meal for someone else. It is opening your home to them with your heart that matters most. “Entertaining Angels”

10. Running Goals. UGH. This one is enough to make my stomach turn. Things are not going well with running right now. My left leg is giving me a lot of trouble. I am headed to a physical therapist next week. I wish it came easy for me. I LOVE to run and enjoy every step. But, I am not a natural and, at times, I really feel like my body was not meant to do this. Yet, I do love it. So, as long as I can remain uninjured my goals for the year are:

a. Run my first Marathon on March 26, 2011

b. Run at least one 5K with J this year. I LOVED running with him and he is asking to do another race, so I am sure we will run together again soon!

c. Run the following races (This is a wish list of races . . . we will see how many I will actually run, but I at least want to be in shape to be able to run any of these):

           i. Cloud Snapple ½ marathon (1/29)
           ii. SunTrust National Marathon (3/26)
          iii. GW Parkway 10 miler (4/10)
          iv. Marine Corps Historic ½ Marathon (5/15) or the Williamsburg ½ marathon (5/22)
         v. Zooma Annapolis 10K (6/5)
         vi. Baltimore 10 miler (6/18)
        vii. Marine Corps Marathon (10/31)
        viii. Cold Turkey 10K (11/20)

Happy 2011!


  1. Wow, what a great list. My plans include having a baby...and that's it! Well, I am trying to eat a lot better and eventually I will exercise again.

  2. LOVE this!!! Those are some BIG races!! I hope your leg gets better...I will pray for you :)

  3. Love your list... You have inspired me. This year I will be working on "commitment," so it will be good to commit to some actual list items... btw, I grew up with those metal cabinets. I think of them fondly, and would gladly share a cup of hot cocoa beneath them... not to invite myself or anything... : )

  4. Love your list... You have inspired me. This year I will be working on "commitment," so it will be good to commit to some actual list items... btw, I grew up with those metal cabinets. I think of them fondly, and would gladly share a cup of hot cocoa beneath them... not to invite myself or anything... : )

  5. I love your list. I can relate to so much of this list. I just haven't had the time to sit and figure out where I want to go. But honestly it seems as if you've done the work for me. Right down to inviting more people over.

    I think I could print out your list and put it on the fridge!

    Hope your running goes well. I am hoping for another half in May. :)

    God Bless.

    Oh, and Perpetual Adoration starts two blocks from my house! I hope to sign up!

  6. Every year I try for #4. *sigh*

    PS: Thanks for the follow over at MvM. Looking forward to getting to know you! :)

  7. I watched my friend run the Chicago Marathon a few months ago and it was INCREDIBLE. I cried the whole time. :) It was so inspiring. Can't wait to hear about it!! And I love your header pic :)


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