Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Food, Inc - A movie "review"

This past weekend, my husband and I finally watched the documentary Food, Inc. I had been wanting to watch it for a while and I knew the basics of what it was about, and I also knew that watching it would probably be the "nail in the coffin" for me. I have been on the verge of trying to switch to organic, locally grown foods, including meats, but our budget and just good old lack of real planning have prevented me from making the full switch. Yes, we rarely buy processed foods. Yes, I cook from scratch. Yes, I even have a small garden. But, I knew that there was more I wanted to do. More I needed to do.

Well, watching Food, Inc was the final push. I highly recommend watching this documentary, just know that you will want to change how you eat.

The documentary looks at our nation's food industry; how modern agriculture has changed to more of an "industry style" business. I am not going to spoil it by giving you specific details. All I am going to say is that you really need to watch this documentary.


I have not seen Fresh yet, but it is a documentary similar to Food, Inc, except that it focuses the process food goes through to get from the farm to your table and why it is so important to buy local, organic foods.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Weekend on the Run

We had a very busy weekend this weekend! It was full of fun and lots and lots of activities.
Saturday morning, the boys had their Kids on the Run Race. They were both excited and K was running practice laps in his bedroom before bed Friday night. The races started at 8:30 AM and since I do not know my Maryland geography yet and thought the race was a lot closer than it was, we had to get everyone up early. The boys slept in their race clothes and ate breakfast in the car. The races were held in a park, which was beautiful. And, luckily, the weather was perfect too. My husband got the boy's race packets with their numbers and t-shirts and I walked K down to the start. Originally, I was going to "run" with K, but I am completely off of running until I go to the Dr, so my husband "ran" with him. K was in the 100 m Toddler Trot. The kids were all crowded together and once the man with the megaphone said "Go!", all the kids were off. There were so many kids on the trail and parents standing around, that my husband ended up getting left at the start. I stood near the finish with my other two boys to watch K finish. K came speeding past us, he was running so well and so hard, and had a smile on his face! Of course, the sap mom that I am, I began to cry! K crossed the finish line and got his ribbon. He was just glowing with pride and had the biggest smile on his face. He came in 4th out of all the kids in his race. But, do not tell him that . . . He is convinced he won!
There was one other race before J's 1K race. I was nervous for him. I never know what to expect from J. He sometimes can push through anything and give 110% effort and other times, he gives up without even trying. But, he was excited and ready. There were a bunch of bigger kids in his race (the age limit was 5-18 yrs). J ran well. He paced himself well and finished strong. Once he finished, he got his medal. He has proclaimed that he wants to do more races . . .next year he wants to do the 2K. After J's races, we grabbed some food and let the boys play at the park for a while. The boys fed the fish in one of the ponds, played on the moon bounce and in one of the play areas.
The whole experience was great and the Montgomery County Road Runner's Club did and excellent job putting the race on. Each kid to finish his race received a medal or ribbon (depending on what race they were in). And the medal was much nicer than most of the ones that I have gotten in my races! There was tons of food for the kids and there was even a moon bounce. Plus, the registration fee was only $10 (with a t-shirt). Even though the race was 45 min away, I would gladly drive the boys up there again!

From the race, we headed to Belair Mansion for a "reenactment". The newspaper said that there would be several brigades there, but it ended up only being one man. The boys learned about Maryland Revoluntionary War History, how to march, and what Revolutionary soldier's ate. Can you say "a nice and easy homeschooling lesson"?
From there, we headed home. The boys, especially A and K, were in dire need of a nap. And, boy, did they nap. Once they woke up, we got them dressed to go to the Sisters Servants of the Lord and the Virgin Matara for family fun day. The sisters had games for the kids and then mass outside, followed by dinner. It was a wonderful evening. The sisters are an amazing order. Joy and love just pour forth from them. It was such a blessing to be there with the sisters and so many of our favorite families too!
Sunday, was much less busy. We were able to sleep in since we went to the vigil mass at the Sisters'. In the afternoon, we headed to Belair Stables for a tour and pony rides for the kids. Even little A rode a horse!
Oh, boy . . . we had a fun-filled, full weekend. I am tired again just from recounting all of it!

Friday, May 14, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

This is the first time I am writing a 7 quick takes post. I have not blogged much lately, nor do I have much time to type away at the computer, so I thought this would be a good post to try to write down where I am at these days. Go on over to Conversion Diary and check out more 7 Quick Takes Friday.

1. I had a great Mother's Day. My parents were in town and it was so nice to spend Mother's Day with my mom. It has been years since that has happened! And, I am officially a running geek! This is what my family got me for Mother's Day . . .

The Garmin ForeRunner 305. It calculates your mileage, your pace and is a heart rate monitor. It is great for running, but it so big, you would not wear it at any other time.

2. But, unfortunately, I have not taken my new lovely toy out of its box yet, I am injured . . . again . . . and will not run until after the 25th when I see an ankle specialist . . . don't ask . . .

3. And, because of my newest running injury, and the prompting of a few friends, I am seriously considering trying barefoot running. I have done a good amount of reading on it over the last few weeks, and I am pretty convinced that this may help reduce injuries, and just be better overall for your body. Last night I watched the following video. It was enough to convince me that I need to change my running form. (OK, I am having issues with copying embed codes today . . . the videos, in case anyone is remotely interested, will be posted in other posts.)

4. Bathing Suit Season! Ack! The thought of it makes me nervous. And thanks to my bloggy friend, Colleen, I am thinking about it more and trying to find a bathing suit I like. Our family belongs to one of the local community pools and we LIVE at the pool in the summer. So, a bathing suit is a necessity. Is that a difficult task for everyone or just me?? I am beginning to wonder if I am just very picky when it comes to bathing suits. My favorite type: a two piece, halter top v-neck tankini with a swim skirt. The V-neck cannot "plunge" too much. It cannot cost more than most of the clothes in my wardrobe. Oh, and no wacky prints! (I would add a photo of one, if I had found one yet, but I have not had much luck so far . . . I will let you know when I do.)

What is your favorite type of bathing suit?

5. I have given the boys the morning off from school. I had heard there would be storms today and since the morning was so nice, I decided to let the boys play first so that they did not get couped up in the house all day. It is 12 Noon now and the sun is still shining brightly with no storm clouds in sight . . . I am beginning to think my plan was flawed!

6. I sent K, my three year old, out early this AM to shut up the sand box before the storm, mentioned in #5, came and flooded the sand box. As he was closing it, I looked out the window and was struck by the thought that he is NOT a toddler anymore. He is a little boy. And I turned around and watched my youngest sitting, eating, at the kitchen table. And, my youngest, my baby A, is no longer a baby . . . he is a toddler. Where is the time going? They are growing up too fast!

7. My husband and I are a mentor couple at our parish for engaged couples preparing for marriage. We got assigned our first couple and have been meeting with them the last few weeks. I have really enjoyed it. The couple is great, but the thing I did not expect is that I am in awe of my husband and the gift he has working with couples. I knew he was good at it, but he is amazing at it. It is a wonderful experience because I often get down about his job; its strange hours and low pay. But, seeing him in action reminded me that he is in a job that fits his talents perfectly (He works for the diocese in family life). And, that I am married to a talented, amazing man!

Barefoot running video - if anyone is interested

It is enough to convince me that barefoot running is better for your body!

Health: Barefoot Running - nytimes.com/video

I am sorry if all this running stuff is boring anyone . . . this is more of a healthy reminder to myself . . . afterall this is MY blog, right?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Things I hope I remember

Months ago, somewhere in the world of the Internet, on a blog I do not remember, the blogger mentioned that she read the book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller. I was intrigued. Not intrigued enough to buy it, but intrigued enough to put it on hold at the library. Well, this week it finally came in.

In the last two days I have read more of it that I probably should have. When I am done, I will probably give a full review. But, for now, it has really got me thinking: What are the things I hope I remember about my life?

I think the timing of reading this book is perfect. The book is about re-writing your life. Living the life you want to live. Living a memorable life. Before I started reading it, I was at adoration, and I really began to pray about those things that I enjoy most in my life. The things I want to spend more time doing. The things that matter. I began to pray about letting go of the stressful to do list I burden myself with. About no longer telling my kids to wait until I have the kitchen clean. I began to pray that I live more in the moment. Create memories. Live more joy filled. More spirit filled.

Then I started to read A Million Miles in a Thousand Years and all of those things I was praying about became solidified and I pondered them more. After reading the first two chapters, I was left thinking about the question: What are those things I hope I remember about my life when I am old and gray?

Most of my daily life I will not remember. But, there are a few things I know I will not forget:

- Meeting my husband for the first time (I still remember what I was wearing, where we were and what I thought of him!)

- The first time I knew I was falling in love with my husband.

- Our wedding day. Seeing my husband's smile as I walked down the aisle. What my father said to me as he gave me away (I was in tears!).

- When J, K, and A were born

- The nervousness and excitement that I felt when I knew I was pregnant with our first son.

- The excitement when I found out I was pregnant with #2 and #3

- As a 14 year old girl, showing a dog in the Best in Show Ring for the first time (in what seemed another life, I showed dogs!).

These are all "big" events . . . those things that we all remember and cherish. But, what I have been thinking about the last few days are those small moments I want to
remember . . . the times that really make the day special .. . . those times that are gentle reminders of beauty, of God's presence in my day, that, most likely, I will not remember.

Here are just a few of mine:

- How it feels to just sit and talk to my husband at the end of the day. How nice it is to just be together.

- What it is like to give talks with my husband. In each of the talks, there is, inevitably, a moment in which I look over at him and know that I am the luckiest woman in the world.

- Baby A's smile in the morning and how cute he looks when his hair is sticking up.

- When all the boys are playing together and laughing and having fun and I just get to sit and watch and enjoy the presence of their life, joy and energy.

- The feeling when all the boys are close, sitting around me as we read.

- Watching J's expression when he "gets" and new math fact, reads new words or is retelling his latest history lesson. And knowing that I am helping him on that journey.

- How it feels to have a little one sitting in my lap.

- How it feels to have a baby moving inside of me.

I could go on . . .

And, without getting into a whole other blog topic of living in the moment, I will just end this blog with a question:

What are the things you hope you remember at the end of your life?