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What I have learned about running

Yesterday was my first run in 2 weeks.  I have had a funny pain in my left leg for a few weeks and was worried that I had another stress fracture.  I may have a bit of a hypochondriac personality in me when it comes to stress fractures.  Anyways, after a visit to the sports doc and a bone scan, I just have a strange case of shin splints.  So, with the green light to run, yesterday I put on my Vibrams and ran 5 miles.  It felt so good to run again.  And as I was running, I began to realize that I have learned a lot about running over the last year.  Many things that can also be applied to the spiritual life.
1.  As much as you think you know, there still is a lot to learn.

2.  There is more to running than just lacing up your shoes and hitting the pavement.

3.  There are people, the saints experts, that have run these trails before you.  Read what they have to say.  Follow their instructions.  Some of it may feel counter intuitive, but try it.  Remember they have run the race successfully.  They will help you get to the finish line better than if you tried to wing it.

4.  Running takes having faith in yourself.

5. It takes having even more faith in God.

6. It is good to be cautious.

7. Sometimes you need to throw caution to the wind.

8.  There will be runners who are faster than you, have better form than you.  It seems that it all comes naturally to them.  But everyone has the same critical decision to make when the alarm goes off in the morning.  Snooze? Yes or No? Run? Yes or No?

9. It doesn't matter that there are people who are more gifted runners than you.  Just run

10. Running is more mental that physical.  It is the constant choice to take another step or to give up.  Press on.

11.  There is an amazing community of living saints  runners right outside your door.  Lean on them.  Develop friendships with them.  They will help you get to the finish line.  And make the journey more enjoyable too!

12.  Running in Vibrams, through snow = cold, wet toes!


  1. I like #11!! This is a great post :)

  2. Great post! I love it....but, I still dont love running:D

  3. Great post! All true!

    My husband and I were having the conversation yesterday about #8. When his alarm went off at 4 he hemmed and hawed, giving himself out after out, thinking he needed more sleep, thinking he could run tomorrow,thinking he could run the day after tomorrow, and so on and so on. Ultimately he got up and ran 9 miles-and didn't get home from work until 9 that night when there was no time left to run. It's a choice, and not always the easiest one, but the one with the most reward!

    Glad you're back and it was only shin splints!


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