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7 Quick Takes

1.  We are packing up for vacation!  Well, we are leaving tomorrow and I should be packing.  We have finished school and I still have a bunch of other things to do today.  I think I will be up late packing.  I am beginning to wonder why I am writing a blog post.

2.  On this vacation, J and I will be running our 8K on Sunday.  I am excited and nervous for him.  But, I am looking forward to taking each stride with him.

3. Homeschooling has been going really well this week.  And I needed that.  After having several weeks where, at least, once a week, I would hide in the laundry room, call my husband and tell him that we would be enrolling J in school the following day, I needed a good week.  All work was done without much complaint, we got through all of the work before noon, which left extra time for us just to be together, to read together and play together.  I realized something this week, too, about how to make things go more smoothly.  School MUST be started as soon as breakfast is done, beds are made and teeth brushed.  If there is ANY down time after the morning routine, J resists (a lot) starting school.  This means, no morning errands, and, I am sad to say, no AM mass.  9 AM mass is just too disruptive to our AM schedule.  And unfortunately, the 8 AM mass is too early for my youngest, who loves to sleep in.  So for now, no daily mass.  Praise God their is grace in the vocation of motherhood!

4. Marathon training is . . . going.  I am finding that I am worrying alot about running (I have to have SOMETHING to worry about, right??)  But, there actually is a reason.  Last year, at this time, I ran my first half marathon and got a stress fracture in the process.  So, here I am, running distances that I have not run since BEFORE I had the stress fracture and I am worried.  Worried I will get another one.  Worried I will not make it to the marathon.  Now, there is nothing to validate these concerns, but they are there.  I have actually been thinking of running the same half marathon I ran last year, again this year.  It is in two weeks.  I would run it more as a training run, so I would not try to run fast.  But, there is part of me that feels I need to run it to prove to myself that I will be fine and I will not get another stress fracture.

5. Does anyone else's kids go on "hunger strikes"?  A has been on one for months.  He used to be an amazing eater.  He would eat ANYTHING I put in front of him.  But, now he refuses to eat dinner.  Meatballs, which he would eat 5 at a time?  Nope.  Chicken and rice, which he would gobble plate after plate? Nope.  Now, he will eat fruit and most breakfast foods that my other kids won't touch (A loves oatmeal and cream of wheat), but after breakfast, the eating stops unless it is crackers or fruit.  I am trying not to give in.  And there have been nights that he goes to bed hungry because he will not eat dinner.  But, other than that, I am at a loss.  I am not sure how to get him to eat normally again.  Any advice????

6. I love Advent.  Our Jesse Tree is up,  the Advent wreath out and Christmas/Advent music on the CD player.  We do not have our Chirtmas tree, decorations and lights up yet and will not do so for another week, but the celebration of Advent is in full swing.  It has put me in a giving and giveaway mood . . . so watch for a possible giveaway!

7.  We went to Medieval Times last weekend.  Everyone loved it and I have been listening to mock jousts and battles in my living room ever since.  The boys fly at each other!  Last night I asked the boys to go get ready for bed.  While they were upstairs, I could hear the rumble of a battle going on.  When they came downstairs K's lip was bleeding . . . . but there had been no crying?   I asked him what had happened.  He just said, very plainly, "J and I were battling and he kicked me in the face.  I'm fine."  Oh, BOYS!

Have a great weekend everyone!!  Go check out Conversion Diary for more 7 Quick Takes.


  1. Have a wonderful vacation! Sending out good thoughts and prayers for a good run on Sunday.

  2. I can speak to the running and the hunger strike-

    Having just come through my first marathon training, I know how it can get in your head...not enough miles, not fast enough, pain here, pain there, etc. I wish I had some magic words of wisdom, but I don't. My cousin once said that your training schedule becomes like that little verizon map on those commercials, following you around ALL THE TIME. And that's true. But it's also a comfort, knowing you have a plan and doing your best to stick to it. If you feel your old injury flaring up, go easy. Listen to yourself. I just started following here but I can see that you're thoughtful and intuitive and you'll do what's best for you and your body.

    As to the hunger strike, my three try to stage a mutiny every meal, insisting on pizza only. What to do? Keep feeding them good foods, I suppose, with pizza occasionally to hold down the revolt.

    Have a great vacation! Enjoy.


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