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Widow's Mite

A poor widow came and put in two small copper coins, which amount to a cent. Calling His disciples to Him, He said to them, "Truly I say to you, this poor widow put in more than all the contributors to the treasury; for they all put in out of their surplus, but she, out of her poverty, put in all she owned, all she had to live on. Mark 12: 42-44

I have been wearing this necklace a lot lately. It was a "gift" from Sonlight when I purchased J's curriculum. I often think that a "gift with purchase" is a bit tacky, but this one touched me. It came in an envelope with a note from Sarita, one of the founder's (with her husband) of Sonlight. I, unfortunately, threw out the note, probably in one of my cleaning whirlwinds. But, I remember what it said. The pendant is a "widows mite." It is an actual coin from Israel, like the coin that the widow gave in the scripture above. Sarita wrote that it is to be a reminder of the sacrifices we make each day, edu…

Boys that read

This is a good article about How to Raise Boys Who Read. If you have a few minutes, please read it.

I agree with the premise that boys do not read much because of other media in the form of electronic devices. While we do not have a Nintendo Wii, XBox or whatever else is out there, I have seen the "pull" to computer games with my boys. Their computer and media time is very limited and I could see how too much of it could impact their desire to read.

As to "catering" to boys' tastes . . . in our own experiences, I have seen that as unnecessary. I am a firm believer that good, quality, literature is all the boys need to become engaged and develop a desire to read. I have mentioned this before, but we have read many books as a part of the Sonlight curriculum that I really was not sure that the boys would enjoy. But, these were truly quality pieces of literature, and even though, the content itself may have not drawn them in if it were in a different form, the …

7 Quick Takes - It's Friday already????

1. Where did the week go??? Oh, yes, it was a busy week and it just flew by! 2. We have done two field trips in 7 days. First, last Friday, we went to Ft. Washington. Because it was a fort, of course, the boys loved it! I have great pictures and should write a post about it if I have time. But, for all those in the DC area: Do Not Go! The kids may think it is great, if they are young, but there was trash all over and many areas in which young children could get hurt. And yesterday, we went to the Maryland Science Center. Fun! 3. It has been two weeks since I passed my Personal Trainer Cert. exam. Last week I sat in on a few training sessions and this week I trained a few people (with supervision). I was SOOOOOO nervous and 2 out of 3 of the sessions did not go as well as I would have liked, but the trainer who is training me said all was great. Soon I will be flying solo with my own client! 4. I will not be "tri"ing it . . . I went to register for the triathlon and i…

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Here are better photos of the shirt!

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Wordless Wednesday - Reenactment and encampment

My little Colonials have staged their own reenactment and encampment in our own backyard!

A Celebration, a Review and a Giveaway!!

First, thanks to any and all of you that prayed for me and my exam . . . I passed! I will admit, the exam was hard and there were times while I was taking it, I wondered if I would pass, but I am now a Certified Personal Trainer. I took a computer-based version of the exam, so I got my results immediately after hitting the "submit" button, and taking a very ill placed survey! I am glad it is over and my husband and kids are too!

So, although it is late, I had promised a fun review and giveaway and here it is! I saw Mamas' Movin' with Mary on Faith and Family Live two weeks ago and was drawn in by their name and the cute t-shirt. The Mamas' are a group of friends that began walking and praying the rosary together in preparation for the Columbus half marathon in 2009. Their mission is "Strengthen your body, strengthen your soul." (I think we all should start groups like this in our hometowns too!)
Plus they designed these cute t-shirts:



I ordered on…

Some homeschooling honesty

Since starting school a few weeks ago, I have blogged about it some. And since I have that lovely "linked within" at the bottom of my posts, past homeschooling posts have come up. And I noticed one thing; I have not blogged much about homeschooling since I first started. And there is a reason for that.

I will admit, I do not love homeschooling. It is not easy for me. I have never been one of those women who knew she wanted to homeschool from the moment she held a baby in her arms. I am not crafty, creative, and, unless I have the calendar opened in front of me, I do not remember who is the Saint of the day. I love to teach, but to teach my own children is not quite the same as teaching teens or adults.

Many days I struggle. A few tears are shed (by me) and I wonder how I am going to get through the year. But, I know that homeschooling is our best option. The public schools here are not very good and the local Catholic school is out of our price range.

I have shied away from tal…

Wordless Wednesday - My Colonials

Should I tri it??

I am thinking of doing a triathlon. A sprint triathlon. In October. My hubby wants to do it too, so it would be our first "race" together. A sprint triathlon is totally doable. .25 mile swim. 14 mile bike. 3.1 mile run.

And although I really want to do it . . . I am not sure if I should. I have never taken a swim lesson in my life. Which means that, even though I can swim freestyle, it is quite laughable. But, I got a wet suit for $3 at the thrift store this weekend, so I am all set as far as gear for the swim!

And, I am not too comfortable on a bike. Other than the last month, I have not ridden on a bike on a road since I crashed while biking down Haleakala in Maui (that was 8 years ago!). On my behalf, I have biked a good deal the last month and am getting more comfortable on a bike, but if I have to go down a hill, I am sure I will be applying pressure to the breaks the whole time. Oh, and I have a very cheap, Craigslist special, mountain bike that is in no way made for a t…

7 Quick Takes - Better late than never

1. As you can tell, I am having a hard time finding time to write a blog post. See below.

2. We have been homeshooling for two weeks now. I wish I could say it has been blissfully easy. But, we have had more good days than bad and we are getting into a good routine. So far so good!

3. The date is set! Sept. 10th (this Friday). I will be taking my Personal Training exam! I have been studying harder in the last few weeks since I have registered for the exam than I had for the previous 4 months! The boys have enjoyed it since they have had afternoon movie time so that the house would be quiet and I could study. If you think of it, please say a prayer that I pass!

4. I am injured. Again. I strained my peroneal tendon. It happened because I decided to change my running route and go a new and adventuresome way. Well, unfortunately, due to the high volume of traffic, I had to hop on and off the curb and run on the grass and then hop off and back to the road. Well, at some point during all of t…