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10 Reasons I love Cape Cod

We just got back from our annual vacation to Cape Cod. So, in honor of our vacation, I have decided to do a "top 10 post of why I love Cape Cod."

1. Its quaintness. I love the old homes, the beautiful flower gardens that surround so many of the older homes. And, even if it is a new home, it is built with the same quaintness. There are general stores, and small little shops all over. I felt like I was in an old, New England town. Oh, wait, I was!

2. The weather. It is warm during the day and cool at night. The humidity is low. There is a wonderful ocean breeze. Perfect.

3. You can see the stars!! Due to the over abundance of civilization in our area, we cannot see the stars very well at night. But, on the Cape we were able to see a sky full of stars. And what made it better, was the fact that we were there during a meteor shower. We saw several shooting stars each night!

4. Cottage Street Bakery. We found this great little bakery by way of an article: "The Best of the Cape". Once I found out that this little gem was just a town away from where we stay, I HAD to go. And, of course, I had to have one of their famous "Dirt Bombs." They are so yummy! Now, I have found the recipe for the Dirt Bombs and can make them at home anytime, but nothing compares to getting them at Cottage Street.

5. Activity. Our vacations on the Cape are ACTIVE. I went running most mornings (there is nothing better than running to the ocean!). In the afternoon, we headed to the "pond" (which I would call a Lake) and swim. The boys play in the water, but my hubby and I usually get in a good long, cardio building, swim. We kayaked too. There is a great bike trail that goes for miles and miles. And, I even got on a bike this time around. If I lived on the Cape, I am sure I would be doing triathlons.

6. The ice cream. I am not kidding. Although I have not been through the whole Cape, I am pretty sure that every town has at least one ice cream shop that makes homemade ice cream that is amazing! We went out for ice cream three times while we were there! That is more ice cream than I have had in the previous six months! Luckily, because of #5, the ice cream got burned off and did not go straight to my hips. Hopefully.

7. The People. Everyone is pretty friendly. Especially to runners lost on back streets trying to find their way home!

8. The seafood. Lots and lots of fresh, yummy seafood.

9. The sunsets on the beach.

10. It is pretty much guaranteed that we will get at least one family photo that is Christmas Card worthy.


  1. Oh, wow, I LOVE the family picture!!

    You make me so proud of my hometown!! I wish we could have met IRL, we need to plan better next time :)

    Just an FYI, even growing up on the Cape did not make me a triathaloner. And, you hit a good week weather wise, we have been having such high humidity all summer :(

  2. That's a great list! You and Colleen make me want to visit there myself!

    Your family picture is wonderful! Such happy smiling faces!

  3. Wonderful photos, so glad you had a wonderful vacation. Our recent week in Maine also included several trips to the local ice cream shop ~ hopefully balanced out by pool and ocean time.


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