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Barefoot Running Log

First Barefoot Run Yesterday!

Time: 8:15PM
Distance: about a 1.5 miles (my Garmin was acting up and could not locate a satellite right a way!)
Pace: 11:30 min/mile This is slow for me, but as I was running I was wondering if my feet would ever be able to go fast while running barefoot.

Thoughts: I was nervous to run barefoot . . . . why? First, I was afraid of people thinking I am weird. I only saw one person while running and, of course, that person made a comment! But, the fear of looking strange went away pretty quickly because I had to concentrate so much on my form. I think I thought more about how I was running in that short distance than my longer runs with shoes on! Plus, I had to watch where I was going . . . avoid rocks, make sure there was no glass, etc! Running barefoot was awkward, but felt great! It was neat to feel my toes grasp the pavement. My core was engaged the whole time. And, this was the first time I could feel the difference between concrete sidewalks and the asphalt road. I know that running on concrete is really hard on your body, but I could not feel it until I tried running on the sidewalk barefoot. I could feel the difference between the road and the sidewalk and the road was so much easier on my body!

So, first attempt, a success! I am hoping to run short barefoot runs a few times a week so that I can work on my form!


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