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7 Quick Takes

1. Look what came to our door yesterday!!

Oh, it felt like Christmas! This was the first year that I did not buy our Sonlight curriculum used. For the last two years, I have purchased the curriculum used, and, although, it did save money, it became frustraing when I could not get books I needed or realized that the new worksheets I had did not match up with the edition of the curriculum I had. Well, after saving some extra money, and selling a bunch of items on Craisglist and ebay, and doing a few dog watching jobs to make a little extra cash, I was able to order the Intro to World Cultures Part 2 from Sonlight. And, yesterday, the big box came. I felt like a little kid going through the books. The boys had fun looking at all the books too and J could be heard saying, "Oh, cool!" several times. I am so excited to start this year!

2. Lesson of the week: it is important to share your thoughts and feelings when you think you have gotten poor customer service.

I am working away at studying for my personal trainer certification. I am nervous and excited about it. After working out with my sports chiropractor yesterday, I felt as if I still have a lot to learn about different exercises . . . . but I guess that is why I am studying, right? Right now, I am trying to soak up everything I can!

In order to pass the exam though, I really wanted to take an online study course. The course is around $150 and since I have already had to pay a bunch for the certification study materials and the exam, I did not like the prospect of shelling out more money. But, if it meant I would pass the test, I was reluctantly, willing to do it. Well, when I went to sign up for the class, I found out that the organization that I am getting certified through just changed their study packages to include the online course. Meaning, people who purchase the same study package I did, at the same price I paid, now get that $150 class. I am not sure why, but it really bothered me. I mean, it really, really bothered me. So, I did what anyone who learned anything from my Dad would do (thanks Dad!) , I called the company to voice me feelings and thoughts and to ask for the online class for free. The first phone call did not go well. I was basically told that there was nothing they could do and I would have to purchase the class if I wanted to take it. I asked to speak to someone else. The other person returned my call and, without me saying anything else, she said that she added the online course to my account!! It turns out that she looked at my account and found out that I purchased the material one week before they announced the changes and she could understand my frustration! So now I can take the review course!!

3. And because I was able to get the course at no extra cost, my hubby got me Vibram Five Finger shoes for our Anniversary!! He was going to give me the study course, but now that I do not need to purchase it, he said I could order the Vibrams that I wanted!! I cannot wait for them to come in. They will be so helpful to my barefoot running when the pavement is really hot and when it is wet!

( I am totally not a girly, girl, but for some strange reason I wanted the pink Vibrams!)

4. I woke up with a double eye infection today! Yuck! I am not sure where it came from because we have been home bound for almost a week because . . .

5. Baby A had a horrible stomach bug. For days, on and off, he has had it coming from both ends. Oh, the poor little man. But, praise God, he has been doing well for the last few days. Now, once I can get my eyes taken care of, we can actually go to the pool!

6. As much as I love the town we live in (it is like a Catholic, homeschooling, big, wonderful family, haven) I really long to live in the country. I would love to live on a small farm with a big garden and maybe a cow or two. Oh, and chickens. Although I hated having chickens growing up (they are dirty creatures), I would love to go outside and get fresh eggs everyday.

7. Do not forget about my giveaway! Check the top of the side bar of the link!

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  1. Oh seeing all those books! That brings back memories from the first day of was heaven when you got a new book. I just love the smell of new books! How exciting....nice that your littles are just as excited as you!

  2. I forgot to mention....I too love the idea of cows, chickens and whatever we could grow in a garden!

  3. When I saw your Sonlight box I missed homeschooling again! I'm hoping t give it a go again in a few years with the girls!

  4. We often talk about how much we would enjoy moving out to the country. I've never lived in the country -- always had neighbors super close. Who knows -- maybe I wouldn't actually like it.

  5. Happy Box Day! [smile]



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