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7 Quick Takes

1. This week has been as follows:

Monday: Tennis Lessons for K and J. Followed by swim lessons for J,K and A.
Tuesday: Repeat of Monday
Wednesday: Repeat of Tuesday with some whining here and there. Not too bad though.
Thursday: Repeat of Wednesday, but with a little extra whining and lot of crying from my 4 yr old who needed a nap, but refused to take one.
Friday: Repeat of Monday . . . I think they were all too tired an worn out to cry and whine!
Me: so glad it is Friday! One week of lessons down, one more to go!

2. This week has been strange . . . I have been waking up in the middle of the night lately feeling the need to pray for certain people. I never, usually, wake up in the middle of the night! I hope these prayers are fruitful!

3. I am getting more tomatoes and jalapenos from my garden than I know what to do with! I am hoping to freeze some of the jalapenos and make some tomato sauce.

4. I am getting ready to rip apart my flower beds. They are too big and too unorganized. My plan is…

Barefoot Running Log

Time: 7:38 PM
Distance: 2.39 miles
Pace: 11.29 min/mile

Thoughts: Tonight I wore my Vibrams for the first time! It was GREAT! I did notice that I had to watch my form a bit more. When you run completely barefoot, you have to, by necessity, watch how you run, or you will feel it immediately. The Vibrams give you just enough protection on your foot, that you do not get the same instant feedback. But, it was . . . so much fun!! I am staring to love running again and I am getting anxious to go a little farther!

Wordless Wednesday - My new "running shoes"

It brings this mom to tears

A few weeks ago, our family had the chalice to pray for priests and vocations. For the Year for Priests, our parish had a chalice that was given to a different family for each week of the year. While we had the chalice, we were to have it in a prominent place in the house and we had prayers to pray everyday. We were to pray for all priests and to pray for vocations.

Well, early in the week, my oldest proclaimed that he wanted to be a priest. A few days later, he looked at me and said,

"Mommy, will you cry when I become a priest?"
OK, so, honestly, what mom wouldn't cry at her son's ordiantion (or at his wedding, for that matter) ?? But, to handle this question delicately, I explained to him, that I will be so proud of him no matter what his vocation is. But, yes, I will probably cry like a baby at his ordination mass. (I cannot watch this vocation video without tearing up. I am going to be 100 times worse if one of my own sons gets ordained).

So,after this, sweet…

7 Quick Takes

1. Look what came to our door yesterday!!

Oh, it felt like Christmas! This was the first year that I did not buy our Sonlight curriculum used. For the last two years, I have purchased the curriculum used, and, although, it did save money, it became frustraing when I could not get books I needed or realized that the new worksheets I had did not match up with the edition of the curriculum I had. Well, after saving some extra money, and selling a bunch of items on Craisglist and ebay, and doing a few dog watching jobs to make a little extra cash, I was able to order the Intro to World Cultures Part 2 from Sonlight. And, yesterday, the big box came. I felt like a little kid going through the books. The boys had fun looking at all the books too and J could be heard saying, "Oh, cool!" several times. I am so excited to start this year!

2. Lesson of the week: it is important to share your thoughts and feelings when you think you have gotten poor customer service.

I am working away at…


About a week ago, I mentioned that we went to Old Fort Niagara. The weekend we were there, they had an encampment and reenactment of the battle that occurred there during the French and Indian War. The boys, being the soldier and history lovers they are, had a blast. We liked it so much, that we are planning anothertrip up there in October when they will have a Revolutionary War reenactment.

Well, here are a few pictures I wanted to share from that day.

And, since we have been home, the boys have been putting on their own reenactments in our backyard! K wanted to be one of the "dead soldiers."

Wordless Wednesday - My Goofy Herd

Here is my herd, all dressed up to attend Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A.

Transformation Book: A Giveaway

A little over a year ago I was almost 20 lbs heavier that I am today. I wish I could say that it was "baby weight" that I had no lost from baby A yet, but it wasn't. I actually gained weight after having A. Yes, after I had the initial "baby weight" loss, I packed it back on over the following months. You see, I am an emotional eater. I eat when I am happy and I eat when I am stressed, sad or upset. It is dangerous for me to have chocolate bars with almonds in the house. A was my worst sleeper so far, and so I was continually sleep deprived. Add to that that for months a cardiologist was concerned A had a potentially fatal heart condition, and I had started homeschooling, and I equalled one very stressed mom. So, I ate. I was not exercising either.

no sleep + stress + no exercise + eating poorly = one depressed Katie

Yes, starting last Spring I began to notice that I was "down". I had no energy, did not feel to great and I did not like how I looked. I c…

Barefoot Running Log

Day #3
Time: 7:334 PM
Distance: 2.22 miles
Pace: 12:45 min/mile (I stopped to talk to our neighbors who were walking their dogs . . . they were asking about barefoot running).

1. My feet hurt tonight
2. Not all roads are paved equally

Barefoot Running Log

Run #2
Time: 7:57 Pm
Distance: 1.11 miles
Pace: 12.09 min/mile

Thoughts: Felt good, but I am thinking the whole time I run. Watch out for that. OOh, that hurt. Is this always going to be this hard? I am fighting the urge to just go get my motion control sneakers on and really pick up the pace. In some ways I feel like I am starting all over again. Low mileage and slow. Except, when I come back from a run I still have tons of energy left. Luckily, I am working out each day other than these runs. Today I could feel a little tightness in my ankle area, which is new. I think it is just my muscles getting used to doing something new. Strangely enough, my shin splints have not bothered me at all.

Grocery Shrink

I am all about trying to find ways to reduce our costs and live as simply and as frugally as possible. Today, I heard about a site called Grocery Shrink, that sounds great. It has a free e-news letter. I got my first one today and it was filled, with natural, homemade cleaning solutions.

As I check it out more, I will let you know what I think about it. I am interested in finding more ways to feed my family as all natural and organic as possible while reducing our grocery costs.

9 years ago today

Nine year ago today . . . I woke up early from a very restless sleep to get my hair and make-up done. Friends and family gathered. The weather was perfect . . .not too hot . . . not too rainy. Photographs were taken. I arrived at the church and walked down the aisle with my Dad. My Dad gave me away, but before he did, he said something so beautiful that I will never forget it and that made me cry (a lot!) I got to marry the best man I know. I was unaware of all the joy and blessings that were ahead of us!

Barefoot Running Log

First Barefoot Run Yesterday!
Time: 8:15PM
Distance: about a 1.5 miles (my Garmin was acting up and could not locate a satellite right a way!)
Pace: 11:30 min/mile This is slow for me, but as I was running I was wondering if my feet would ever be able to go fast while running barefoot.

Thoughts: I was nervous to run barefoot . . . . why? First, I was afraid of people thinking I am weird. I only saw one person while running and, of course, that person made a comment! But, the fear of looking strange went away pretty quickly because I had to concentrate so much on my form. I think I thought more about how I was running in that short distance than my longer runs with shoes on! Plus, I had to watch where I was going . . . avoid rocks, make sure there was no glass, etc! Running barefoot was awkward, but felt great! It was neat to feel my toes grasp the pavement. My core was engaged the whole time. And, this was the first time I could feel the difference between concrete sidewalks …

Wordless Wednesday - You had me at smile

I am in trouble . . . this boy can be as bad as can be, but all he has to do is flash his smile and I melt!

Tuesday Ramblings

I have not blogged in a while. I really do have intentions of blogging more, but life has been busy lately.

1. My brother-in-law passed away last week (my husband's sister's husband). It was very sad, but I realized how precious family is and how some family members can come together to rally behind another.

2. We went to visit "Buffalo Grandma and Grandpa" over the weekend. We had a great 4th of July weekend, busy, but great. We went to Old Fort Niagara and saw and encampment and re-enactment . . . . awesome . . . . pictures coming soon! My sons are back to their colonial roots and have spent the morning building forts out of wooden blocks and battled using their plastic army men!

3. Running . . . . a touchy subject for me . . . I have not been able to run nearly as much as I would like. My shin splints are not getting any better and the sports chiropractor that I have been seeing is at a loss as to why I am not holding the adjustments and things are not getting any be…