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While You Were Out

Well, it should be while I was out, but you get the idea!

Happy Easter everyone! So over the last few months, this is what happened in our life:

1. All the snow I mentioned here, has melted, the flowers are in bloom and we are enjoying beautiful 85 F weather!

2. My air cast is off and I am running again. I am up to 5 miles and I am using the Jeff Galloway training method. It is a run/ walk method and I am hoping to avoid injury. Surprisingly, my pace is not much different with the run/walk method than just running . . . many runners had told me that. I just did not believe it until now! I am also praying about running in the Marine Corps Marathon in October with the Run for Vocations team for the Archdiocese of Washington. There are a lot of "ifs" right now, so I am not sure, but I am leaning towards registering!

3. Our little monkey ,that finally started walking on Super Bowl Sunday, is now off to the races. Within a month of qualifying for the county's infant and toddler program, because he was not walking enough, he was discharged from the program. Now he chases his brothers around the house and outside!

4. Duke won! Yes, I am a Duke fan and have been for years. I think Coach K is an incredible coach with a great deal of integrity. I would not have been too upset if Butler had won. Normally, I root for the underdog. Just not last night.

5. I have a job, other than being a full time mom and teacher to my kids. I am now sub-contracting at Fitness Matters Gym as a Life Coach. I will have to share the story of how it all happened; it must have been ordained by God, because it is really coincidental how it happened. And, I will be working there as a Personal Trainer too! I am currently studying for my Personal Trainer certification. I plan to take the exam in June. Please pray for me, studying is going slower than I wanted. Plus, I think the boys have caused my brain power to be zapped . . . studying is not as easy as it used to be!

6. I am going to a nutritionist for low thyroid function. After months of being tired, moody, thinking I may be going through perimenopause, having difficulty losing weight,and having many, many bad hair days, I finally put all of my symptoms together and called Dr Mowry, an amazing physical therapist, nutritionist and all natural Dr. So far we have increased the amount of several vitamin/supplements I had been taking and added a few extra and I feel a difference already. My energy levels are getting back to normal and I am feeling better.

7. I had an amazing Lent and Easter. I missed blogging and reading other blogs at first, but by the end, I wondered if I should even start up again. I had more time from prayer, the boys and projects around the house. Taking the break really helped me to learn to manage my time online better. So, I am not sure how much I will be blogging and commenting on others' blogs yet.

That's it for an update from me! I look forward to reading all of your blogs again!


  1. It sounds like you had a very productive Lent:) Glad to hear your feeling better:)

  2. Welcome back...we missed you! Glad to have you back, espcially with all the good news! However often you can find the time to blog these days...I'll be here to read it. I enjoy your writing and LOVE to read about your boys and your life. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What? No pregnancy news?? Ha! That's awesome about becoming a personal trainer - I'm at the gym so often that I always think I should become one to get paid for exercising ;) But I know studying is so hard with little ones, that's why I gave up on the CPA exam for now. And running a full marathon? You go!! Wow, very impressive :)


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