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Movie Review and a Question

My friend Sam over at Thy Will Be Done does Movie Review Mondays, so I thought I would join in. This past weekend my husband and I watched Julie & Julia. And, I liked it! It was a cute movie, although my husband thought it was a bit slow moving at first. The movie follows the life of Julia Child as she learns how to cook and how she begins to write her book. At the same time, it chronicles Julie Powell, who is depicted as a someone trying to find herself and chooses to do so by cooking her way through Julia's cookbook and blogging about it.

I enjoyed the story line and how the movie parallels the lives of the two women. What I enjoyed the most was how the movie portrayed the marriages of both of these women. I like movies that show the day to day love between spouses, and also, the ordinary life of marriage.

I also found the movie to be funny. As a blogger, I could relate to Julie when she would get excited that someone commented on a post. But, as the movie went on, it really got me wondering, Why do I blog?

As the movie continued and Julie's blog gained a following, tension arose between her and her husband about posting and how much time she devoted to the blog. And also the question of how much information to post came up. And through this, I really got thinking about blogging.

I have read a bunch of blogs. Some simply educational, some review and giveaway blogs, but most are blogs in which people discuss their life. And in the "personal" blogs, I have read blogs in which the blogger freely shares about marital troubles and many details about day to day life to blogs in which the blogger specifically states that he/she would not share the specific ups and downs of life. I tend to fall into the latter category. I do not feel like my blog is the place to "air all my dirty laundry". I started my blog so that family members that live far away can read about parts of our life that I may not remember to share in a phone conversation. And, even though, when I have the time, I will continue to do Made in the USA reviews and Giveaways, I try to remain faithful to the original purpose of this blog.

Since watching the movie, I really started to ponder "Why do I blog? What purpose does it serve? Am I a better or more fulfilled person because I do it (or is someone else's life made better by me blogging)?" The reason I ask these questions is because I never want to feel like I am a "servant" to my blog. I know when I start to feel pressure to blog, or worry about the fact that I have not posted lately, I need to step away from it. And, I am not saying that blogging has to make you a better person, but any blogger would admit that it takes time away from family, housework, etc, etc. So, if it is a time consuming activity, but does not somehow better us (even if it is just by being a leisure activity that relieves stress), why should we do it? I am not saying that we should not blog, but I am just pondering and thinking out loud.

OK, even though I have not answered the questions, I am asking, anyone out there in the blogosphere to share her thoughts and feelings on these questions:

Why do you blog?
What purpose does it serve (for you)?
Are you a better or more fulfilled person because you blog?

Is someone else's life made better because you blog?

Please do not be shy! I look forward to your answers!


  1. I began blogging and continue blogging for my kids first and foremost. It serves as a family record of funny or fantastic things they've done and some of the traditions we've tried to implement and uphold.

    I also wanted to show our children writing is a wonderful outlet and can be fun, especially my reluctant writers. Our most reluctant writer has even begun his own blog, where he writes mostly about sports. So I would say at least one person's life is better because I blog--he is now enjoying writing because he learned writing can be done just for the pleasure of writing.

    I too, try to stay away from posting "dirty laundry" unless it happens to be my own and I want to work on a particular area in my life. Occasionally I will post on parenting and trials we have been working through, but hopefully it isn't too much information and my hope is that what I do post might help other folks going through the same struggles.

    I would say that I am indeed a more fulfilled person because I blog. It helps me work through thoughts, feelings, and ideas. I suppose I could have done the same thing in a journal that I kept private, but another positive aspect of blogging can be the feedback one gets from readers. The vast majority of folks that comment on my blog know me personally and it is nice when they stop in and offer words of encouragement.

    That's my two cents :-)

    I hope you get more comments on this. I think it is a very worthy thing to discuss and discern!

  2. Ooooh, pick me I want to share my thoughts! :)
    Why do I blog?? To preserve our family history, to create the 'story of our life' and to let my creative juices flow through writing.
    What purpose does it serve?? Stress relief, a point to look back to for myself and my family, and a chance to share my life with others whom I'm not in daily contact with.
    Are you a better person because you blog? I'd like to think so, it offers me a place to reflect upon my thoughts and feelings in a somewhat tangible way, reminds me on the hard days that things DO get better and to keep me grounded on the great days :) I enjoy the creative outlet and helps me not to chatter off my hubby's ear when he gets home since he's the only adult I see for DAYS on end sometimes.
    Is someone else's life better? Again, I'd like to think so. I started this blog originally because we were moving 1500 miles away from our friends and family...and this is a great way for me to keep in touch, and they can always have current pictures without having to devote an entire album to the pictures I would otherwise send them. They get to still be part of our daily lives without me spending 7 hours a day on the phone trying to keep up.
    *on a side note, I think I am middle of the road with my personal life on my blog...I post my kids' names and such, and will post if something is a long time concern to us, but try to avoid using my blog to gripe, complain or whine about everyday occurances...and I would not use it as a place to bash my hubby. OK, now that I've chattered YOUR ear off, I'll hush now...LOL!

  3. These are things I'm pondering today and I don't know if I can answer right now. But they are good questions!

  4. Why do you blog?
    i need an outlet for my smartalecness(is that a word?) and this spares some of the sarcasm from my family

    What purpose does it serve (for you)?
    self indulgence basically

    Are you a better or more fulfilled person because you blog?
    couldn't be much worse. hmm i guess its a bit satisfying.

    Is someone else's life made better because you blog?
    LOL - that would be no


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