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A great children's Christmas CD

I love, love, love, the Classical Kids Collection of CDs. We only own one, Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery, but have gotten others from the library and my boys have enjoyed them all. The stories are interesting and they even weave in factual information about the composer. I use these to supplement my art/music curriculum.

Well, this past week, I went to the library and got a Classical Kids Christmas, and it does not disappoint. It is beautifully done, has some of my most favorite classical music and Christmas music, and, most importantly, my boys love it! They have listened to it every day since we picked it up from the library.

This is one CD that I think I will buy!

Advent Happenings

I am very behind in posting this. Advent has been flying by. This year I tried my best to be crafty, but it has totally backfired. I had planned on making Jesse Tree Ornaments using felt, to be placed on our Christmas tree, but it did not work out at all! Next yearI think I will go back to the Jesse Tree idea I used last year.

Other than that, our Advent activities have been very simple. We have continued to pray a decade of the rosary every morning. And after the rosary, the boys each get to choose one book from our book basket. The book basket is stocked with recommended on the Serendipity blog. At night, we light the Advent wreath and pray from The Season of Light by Jay Cormier.

Now that have entered the O Antiphons, I have attempted the felt ornaments again. We will finish these for the O Antiphons and then I think I should retire my hot glue gun permanently! We are also doing some of the O Antiphon activities mentioned on Waltzing Matilda. The boys are anxiously waiting to decora…

My First Half Marathon

Oh, I like typing that title! I had to look it up, but it was at the end of September that I decided to run in a half marathon before the end of 2009. And, after the Metric marathon that I registered for was cancelled, due to weather, I was not sure if I would achieve this goal or not.

The week before the race flew by. I was not sure how to approach running and exercisingthat week. I had tapered the week before and needed to taper again in case I ran in the half marathon, but I did not want to lose another whole week of training. So, I took it easy, but not as easy as the week before. I watched the weather for Fredericksburg, VA closely. Early in the week, theforecast said snow on Saturday and rain on Sunday. Uh,oh . . . I thought . . . another repeat of the weekend before. By mid week, the forecast changed to no snow, just rain on Sunday. I could handle rain. Thursday and Friday, it did not look hopeful. The rain had changed to freezing rain! I was sure that the race would b…

My Birthday Weekend

This past Saturday, was my birthday. I had such a great weekend. Saturday morning, J had CCD, so my hubby took K with him to drop off J. When they all arrived home, they brought home a dozen roses, a birthday balloon (which the boys had picked out!), Chick-fil-a breakfast (I love their Chicken biscuit sandwich) and Dunkin Donuts coffee (my favorite coffee). I only drink decaf coffee now and really wanted to have regular coffee on my birthday, so this was a treat! The roses were beautiful and I was so happy to get them especially since my birthday is on the Feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. After we had finished eating, we packed up and headed out to Fredericksburg, VA. I was planning on running a half marathon the next day there, and we decided to make it a weekend away for the whole family. After we got there, we checked into the hotel, relaxed a bit and then headed to the vigil mass. For dinner, we went to Smokey Bones . . . this was the boy's choice. I was interested…

Small Successes

Here are my small successes for the week:

1. We have 40+ year old metal kitchen cabinets. Greasy little hand smudges show up on them perfectly! So, this week I gave them an incredible scrub down. I even took the handles off and scrubbed those down too!

2. I took the boys down to the National Archives and the Museum of American History on Tuesday. My husband's office was closed that day because it was the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, but he still had a meeting downtown. So, while he was at his meeting, we enjoyed the museums. J loves American History and was so excited to see the real Declaration of Independence!

3. I finally ordered our Christmas cards!

What are your small successes? Share them at Faith and Family,Live!

Plan B

About two months ago, I wrote this post, where I proclaimed to the few people that read my blog that I was going to run a metric marathon (16.2 miles). Well, that race was this weekend.

Going into last week, I was hopeful, but nervous. I had a great 10 mile long run on Saturday, with the best time I have ever had in my training runs. I was feeling good. The thought of running the 16 miles in just a few shorts days made me gulp a few times, but overall I was optimistic. I had trained hard. Logged a lot of miles. I would be fine.

As last week progressed, I began to watch the weather reports. Snow on Saturday. Not a big deal. The race was on Sunday and Sunday was supposed to be clear and sunny. The snow from Saturday would be long gone before the race would begin (or so I thought). As we got closer to the weekend, the amount of snow expected for Saturday increased. OK, I was a little worried, but did not think it would affect the race.

Saturday came. It started raining around 8:…

You know you have boys when . . .

Your Advent wreath, meant for prayer, turns into camouflage for green army men getting ready to attack an unsuspecting group of red army men!

A Great Made in the USA Blog

Since I have not had much time to blog lately, the first posts to "not be written" are my made in the USA posts. I have lists of products I have used that I want to write reviews on, and those will eventually come, but at a much slower pace than I originally wanted. I really do not know how moms with review and giveaway blogs do it!

In the meantime, I want to point you all to a great Made in the USA blog, called Made in the USA. There are tons of links on the sidebar to made in the USA products and there are regular made in the USA giveaways. Go check it out!

Chocolate Pudding Fudge Cake

This is the cake I made for my husband's birthday. I have made it before and just loved it. The original recipe came from All and the photo came from there as well. I changed the recipe slightly from the original. I do NOT add chocolate chips to the cake batter. The cake is very rich, and I think would be too rich if I added another 2 cups of chocolate chips. Also, I have halved the original recipe for the chocolate sauce for the same reason I do not add the chocolate chips to the batter. I am not a huge fan of using boxed cake mixes, so I am going to try making this cake with a recipe I have for a dry cake mix. Check out the original recipe; there are a lot of good suggestions in the comments on changing the cake a bit . . . I think I may try the Kahlua one next!

Chocolate Fudge Pudding Cake
1 Pkg (18.25 oz) devil's food cake mix
1 pkg (3.9 oz) instant chocolate pudding mix
1 C sour cream
1 C milk
1/2 C vegetable oil
1/2 C water
4 eggs

Chocolate sauce
3 TBS butter