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Daily Mass Anyone?

I, in what seems like another life, used to LOVE to go to daily mass. My day did not seem complete unless I went.

And then I had kids.

When J was a baby, we lived within a 5 minute walk of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. There were several masses there a day, so I was able to work around J's nap schedule and we would head to daily Mass most days. But, as the years passed and the number of children increased, I went to daily mass less and less. Eating, naps, and children unable to sit still made it harder and harder to go. I had made attempts to return especially, during Lent. I would take the boys twice a week to daily mass. That usually lasted until the third week of Lent. I remember last Lent struggling with the boys during mass and, after mass, I looked at a friend of mine and I said, "I now remember why we do not do this much." It was NOT a prayerful experience. I know that when I show up to mass, the Grace is there, but if I get more stressed by going than anything, I would rather not go.

But, here I am thinking about attempting to go at least once a week again. A friend of mine mentioned that she takes her kids on First Fridays and major Feast Days. I was inspired and thought I should try to go again with the boys. We went on Wednesday and, although I cannot say they were great, the boys boys were not bad either. So, we will try again next week.

But, what I am wondering, is what all of you Catholic moms out there do? Do you attend daily mass with the kids at all? How often?


  1. We used to walk to daily Mass when we only had one, and there was a Mass in the evening. After 2 kids, we tried to go to an evening Mass, and felt that we were disturbing the people there (colicky baby).

    I used to take the 2 little ones to the same daily Mass my parents go to (to have help)...but even that was infrequent at best. And now that I'm only home 2 weekdays and almost always have extra kids that I babysit, there's no way I can go. Maybe once all my kids get in school I can make it a priority.

    I know God understands, but I still feel like a slacker. Especially because I know that there are other moms of like 8 kids who homeschool and go to Mass with all of them. Aaahhh, maybe one day I can match up with them!

  2. Hi Katie~~ We go to daily Mass with the co-op on Fridays at St. Ed's. So far it has been great. Granted we are the noisiest bunch in there, but we sit in the back and have only had to leave once! I also made a decision last year to attend daily Mass at our Church (CHA) every Wed. morning. We have Mass in the Chapel in the school. The people there are so great, I love them so much. And our Parish Pastor is so good with kids. Sometimes after Mass I have that "look". The one where I'm sweating and look defeated :) Still the little old ladies come up to me, encouraging me to come back. Many members of our Church say the children are our future, so keep bringing them! Keep coming back! Please feel free to join us anytime!!!

  3. I have 2 kiddos, ages almost 7 and almost 3. I try to take them to mass at least once during the week. During school, it's easy, because we just drop off the older one and head to his school mass. During the summer I tried to make it to noon mass at least once during the week. I explain it to the younger one that we're headed to Jesus' house for a playdate. I've found that no matter how difficult the kids are, I have never wished I didn't go. It's hard, but so worth it. I wish I could make it a habit to go more often. Maybe I should work on that!

  4. We had a bad experience going to daily mass when J was a baby. My husband was actually told NOT to bring the baby back to mass (at the Shrine)! The priest had the usher tell him after mass. Ever since them, I am very nervous about ANY noise the boys make in mass. I usually go to St Pius for daily mass and the older women are so nice to us and say how good the boys are, but I still am super sensitive to any noises they make. I guess I just need to let it go and go back to mass!

  5. I am TRYING to get better at this b/c I used to love going too. I once heard it takes 2 weeks to create a new routine w/something, but I haven't made it to 2 weeks yet :)

    My goal is Wednesdays. We go to a children's rosary group on Mondays and I go to adoration on Fridays when a friend and I babysit for each other for this very purpose. But I've really been feeling like I need to get my 2 year old there also. But... 1st trimester, baby on the way, you know how it is. I hate feelings so undisciplined, but that's really how it has been :) So my goal is Wednesdays. I figure if I can make that happen, then I can try to add in another day or two. First Fridays has been on my radar for a while, so maybe this will be the push I need.

  6. I wish we went to Mass daily. I can't ever see it happening though.

    BTW-- I passed on an award to you. Don't feel obligated to do it. It's a total pain:D

  7. ....I forgot the address

  8. This is my first time reading your blog but I TOTALLY relate. We took my two year old to daily Mass during Lent and ended up being the subject of the Sunday Homily! She doesn't act out but she just seems so much louder when there is only a handful of people in the church.
    I loved going to daily Mass when I was single but it so much more stressful with little kids. Maybe when the kids hit school age, we can get back into a routine.
    I can't believe a priest actually told you not to come back to Mass! Don't they know how we are struggling, ugh!

  9. EC- If you knew our first son, you would be shocked that we would be asked to NOT return to mass. He was always quiet at mass and only made the typical baby sounds. I guess this priest was pretty particular . . . he said that the Shrine is a place of pilgrimage and needs to be quiet!! I was so glad that I was not the one there that day, I probably would not have been as charitable as my husband!

    But, even though I spend way to much mental energy worrying about what other people at mass think of my kids, 98% of the time the other daily mass goers have been supportive and positive.

  10. ah yes, i used to get to daily Mass every day. alas no longer. yet somehow i find time to make sure i run everday. i stink.

    taking kids to the chapel on the hill is always an adventure. you can here every darn sound they make in that place. and some priests handle that noise better than others

  11. state in'll find what works!!!

    I like what Janelle says, "I've found that no matter how difficult the kids are, I have never wished I didn't go." I totally thoughts exactly!


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