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Why does the English language have to be so confusing?

We are done with school today and the boys are watching Word World. They love it. Today, World World is all about the sound that two o's make together as in school or roof. (Duck, Monkey and Dog are building a roof so they do not get wet in the rain). Anyways, they just finished singing a catchy song to teach the "oo" sound.

My first thought was, yeah that is great, until my son has to read LOOK or BOOK. Since J is in first grade, we are tackling more and more words, word sounds and vowel combinations. We have left cat, hat, set, and met behind and are coming to the complexity of the English language. I find it so hard to teach. We were reading The Cat in the Hat last week and J came across the word LOOK (which he pronounced as LUKE). I told him that sometimes "oo" does not make the same sound as it does as in school or roof. Sometimes there are irregular words in the English language (He still has a hard time remembering that WAS is WAS and not WAZ). I just want to tell him that the English language is utterly confusing to read because it does not always follow its own rule. That even though I know it now, it is confusing to explain.

I am finding that I would rather teach science, math, history and any other subject than reading!!


  1. That is annoying isnt it? I've heard that because of things like this English is the hardest laguage to learn. (I dont know if thats true)


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