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Creating something that will last . . .

My grandmothers were very talented women. My Grandma H made my mom's wedding dress and all of the bride's maid dresses. She made my first Communion dress. She crocheted and knitted countless blankets, sweaters and doilies. My Grandma P also knitted and crocheted.

Since my Grandma P's death a few months ago, my parent's had cleaned out her house. When I went home a few weeks ago, my mom gave me a box of crocheted doilies that my grandmother had painstakingly made. I now have several knitted and crocheted blankets, doilies, and table cloths that both of these amazing women made. Most are not my "style" and I would never buy these things, but I proudly use them and have them on display in my home because I love the women that created them and I am proud to tell others that "My Grandma made that." For me, these things are daily reminders of the women who created them and the wonderful memories I have of them.

And I know that I am not the only one that has this experience. My friend Maurisa blogged about a quilt that her Grandmother made and recently gave her. My husband's uncle's house is filled with paintings created by his mom.

It has got me thinking . . . I do not make things. I am not talented in that way. I am TRYING to learn how to knit, but it has taken me months to finish a scarf. I like photography, but have not really practiced my skills with a camera in a long time. I do not scrapbook, paint or draw. What have I created that my grandkids could proudly show others and say "My Grandmother made that." I am not saying I have to create something tangible. But there is something so special about having something tangible to remember someone, a relationship by.

So, what are your thoughts? What do you "create" that you hope will get passed down to future generations of your family? Are those things tangible, or are they traditions you are creating? Do you think it is important, silly, or just a nice idea to create something tangible?


  1. Well I love heirlooms. I have several quilts from grandmothers. I think they are a great way to remember the people who made them. All I can do is embrodier which isnt that impressive. But, I don't worry about it much. Heirlooms can be destroyed by fires or moths. But, traditions can live on forever as long as people participate. KWIM?

    My favorite family tradition is on Thanksgiving we write what we are thankful for on a piece of scrapbook paper. We wrap all the entries up and put them under the Christmas tree. On Christmas morning we read what we are thankful for. Then attach a ribbon to it and it becomes an ornament. I love reading the ornaments each year when we put them up. My favorite ornament is the one we announced that we were pregnant with our first child. That really suprised my mom!

  2. I'm not currently crafty, but that may change as my life changes, so maybe I'll have some handcrafted something to pass along.

    If I had to choose something now that potentially creates memories, it would be cooking. I love to cook and create in the kitchen and I'm finding our children are picking up on that as well. We have already created cooking traditions for holidays and celebrations and my hope is that our children will continue these traditions in their families.

  3. I don't thinkg this idea is silly at all! I think part of the problems with society at large these days is a lack of don't even KNOW their grandparents, let alone share in family traditions with them or care about their value system. GO FOR IT! Make something, start a tradition, however silly it may seem at the time, and run with it! I have blankets, quilts and other trinkets that my grandmother's have made, but since we lived across the country from them, they have little value to me. Hope that doesn't sound callous of me, but neither one were very interested in keeping touch with us and we were not a large part of their lives. But my parents are wonderful grandparents...they call, write, e-mail, send small gifts and visit anything they say or do it treasured by my boys. Myself, I scrapbook and hope that someday they are treasured heirlooms for my boys (or at least their wives) And I love to bake and cook and all my boys are learning to love it as well. So we have some special things that we all do together and I'm already anxious for granbabies to start coming so I can have traditions with them as well. :) Traditions are so important...something special happens when you repeat the same actions together time after time, year after year...memories are made and hearts are bound together with love. Go for it...YOU can do it!

  4. I think it's WONDERFUL but I'm super challenged in this department. Still looking for that thing I can create. Right now I'm into cooking, so maybe I can think of a way that it will last through future generations :)


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