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Our trip to Buffalo

Last week the boys and I travelled to Buffalo to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Well, the purpose of the trip was to take our dog Cooper up so that he could go to his new home. Since I was travelling by myself with the boys, I was not up for a quick trip up and back, so we stayed the whole week.

We left early Monday morning and I planned for the 8 hr car ride. I had snack bags packed and ready to be tossed to the back of the van when necessary. I had movies at my finger tips when the ride got too long and the boys were in need of one. I had my own music selection close by, so I did not need to dig to change a CD. The ride to Buffalo went smoothly. The boys were good. A did not even cry once on the trip up! And I leaned that we can all fit in a small bathroom stall and I can use the bathroom while holding my 1 yr old! Who knew?!?

The first full day in Buffalo, Tuesday, we went to the Buffalo Zoo. The weather was cold (for this girl who has gotten used to the humid, mid 80's/90's). When we got to the zoo, it was already raining a bit. But, I must admit, it was so nice. Because of the weather, the zoo was not very busy, so the boys could run more than 2 feet in front of me without me worrying I would lose them. The boys liked the river otter the most (even though J kept on asking to see the Polar Bears).

Wednesday, we had planned on going to Fantasy Island, an amusement park with a big water play area. But, the weather once again was not ideal, so we went the the Naval Park instead. And, I must admit, I think we had more fun there than we would have at the amusement park. The Naval Park consists of three ships, the USS Little Rock, the USS Croaker (a submarine), and the USS Sullivans. We toured each of the ships. The boys loved seeing the guns, missiles, and the bunk beds, and they loved climbing up and down the narrow, steep stairways of the ships. I had A in my Beco Carrier on my back the whole time. I would not have been able to get through the ships with him any other way. The submarine was a bit tricky as it was very narrow. I had to have my mom watch me duck through the oval doorways to make sure I did not hit A's head on anything! Later that night, the boys enjoyed roasting marshmallows and smores!

Thursday, it rained all day, which was fine, because that was the day we had planned to visit Great Grandpa. This was my favorite day of them all. I miss getting to visit with my grandfather and Aunt on a regular basis. I also like that the boys get to spend time with their Great Grandfather. Family is so important. We had a nice visit. It was not as long as I would have liked; the boys can only go so long before a nap is necessary, so we went back to my parents' place for nap time.

While A and K were napping, my mom and I headed out to some of the local wineries. Over the last 10 years, a lot of wineries have sprung up just minutes from where I grew up. I really wanted to go to some of them this trip. I love wine and so I thought it would be neat to get a bottle that came from my home town. My mom and I went to three wineries and I did taste testings at each. I learned a lot about wines and grapes and what makes a good "year". I splurged and got a few bottles of wine too, so that I could share the experience with my husband.

Friday, we headed home. I was tired from the week, so I had a feeling that the trip would be long and I would need to stop a bunch. An hour into the trip, J had had too much water and needed to use the bathroom, so we stopped at the Abbey of the Genesse. The Abbey is a Cistercian Monastery. I went to college minutes from the monastery and have been there for several retreats. It is one of the most peaceful places I have ever been to. And the monks bake some of the best cinnamon raisin bread I have ever had, so I figured it would be a great place to stop. Before loading up again, we bought several loaves of bread.

The rest of the ride home was uneventful. And I was so thankful when we got home. I had a great time on our trip and was so thankful for the trip, the time with family, and my boys.


  1. I am from Western New York, too, in Genesee County. You probably passed my house on the way from west to Avon. I have a good idea (at least I think so) of where you grew up, but I won't ask here.

    I love it here. And that Monk's Raisin Bread? Amazing.

  2. What a great summary of your trip. I am so glad the boys were good for you or it would have been a long long trip.


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