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National Health Care and Abortion

(I cannot believe I am going to write this post!!)

So, here it goes. I was just checking out a few blogs and after a few clicks, I came upon this article about National Health Care and Abortion. Well, after finishing it I was so upset and angry. I wanted to leave a comment, but I am not a part of that forum and I did not want to register just to leave a comment, so I am going to share my feelings here.

To give you a gist of the article, the person writing it was discussing how she wants to she NHC pass, and have it pass with abortion included, but fears it will not because of those opposed to abortion. The author shared her view that health care should not be limited because of those who feel abortion is morally objectionable. The article even included a line that stated "that is how a democracy works".

Now, if anyone has read my profile, you probably could guess that I am against national health care and abortion. I am staunchly pro-life. But, this aside, I want to sha…

Superhero Sleep

He goes to nap as K. He wakes up as . . .


Way to Go, Mom!

Here are my small successes for the week:

1. My hubby surprised me with a gym membership two weeks ago and this was the first full week I was actually home to use it. So, every morning this week, I got up EARLY and went to workout. I was home and showered before the boys woke up. Wow, that was nice . . . I see a new pattern emerging . . .

2. It was cloudy all day yesterday and was supposed to rain, so I had planned to take the boys to the free movie in our town. Well, I guess every day care and summer school program had that idea too (and a lot of other moms), because when we got there it was FULL. So, we came home, made popcorn and watched a movie together!

3. I cleaned our infamous back room . . . please tell me that everyone has a room that is messy 90% of the time . . .

Want to share your successes? Go to Faith and Family,Live!

Our trip to Buffalo

Last week the boys and I travelled to Buffalo to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Well, the purpose of the trip was to take our dog Cooper up so that he could go to his new home. Since I was travelling by myself with the boys, I was not up for a quick trip up and back, so we stayed the whole week.

We left early Monday morning and I planned for the 8 hr car ride. I had snack bags packed and ready to be tossed to the back of the van when necessary. I had movies at my finger tips when the ride got too long and the boys were in need of one. I had my own music selection close by, so I did not need to dig to change a CD. The ride to Buffalo went smoothly. The boys were good. A did not even cry once on the trip up! And I leaned that we can all fit in a small bathroom stall and I can use the bathroom while holding my 1 yr old! Who knew?!?

The first full day in Buffalo, Tuesday, we went to the Buffalo Zoo. The weather was cold (for this girl who has gotten used to the humid, mid 80's/90&…

Brand of the Free T-shirt Review, Giveaway and coupon code!!

Giveaway is Closed

One of the great things about this journey of searching for products Made in the USA is the experience of finding great little companies that make cool products and getting to share them with you.

One such company is Brand of the Free, maker of organic graphic tees and totes. I stumbled upon them a few months ago and was immediately draw to their designs. I was sold when I found out that their products were eco-friendly and made in the USA.

All Brand of the free t-shirts are made from certified organic cotton (grown in Texas!!). The dyes used are non-toxic water based inks. What does this mean for the shirt? It gives the graphic a soft, pliable nature which you do not find on most graphic tees. The graphic ink will not crack overtime. The designs are thought provoking and unique. Some are subtle enough to get conversations going about our nation and government, buying local, and being environmentally aware. Brand of the Free has so many great designs, that I r…

Praying for Stellan

Praying hard for this little boy! Click on the button above to read what is going on.

A New Family Favorite Recipe: Pita Pizzas

Since starting the Transformation challenge, I have been working hard to eat healthy and make meals that the whole family likes too. I have found a recipe for Barbecue Chicken Pita Pizzas and Buffalo Chicken Pita Pizzas. Even the boys LOVE them. The recipe is based on one from Eating for Life.

What you need:
-Whole Wheat Pitas
- Barbecue Sauce (I make my own to avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup and anything artificial and to limit sugar)
- Part Skim Mozzarella Cheese
- Fresh Cilantro
- Cooked Chicken Breast, diced
- Onion
- Turkey bacon (cooked and crumbled)

All you need to do is spread the BBQ sauce on and then add cheese, chicken, turkey bacon, onion and cilantro. You bake in a preheated oven at 425 for 8 minutes. They come out yummy and crispy!

For the Buffalo version, I substitute Buffalo sauce for BBQ sauce, eliminate the turkey bacon, and add reduced fat blue cheese as well. These are yummy too!

For my, somewhat healthier version, I add less BBQ sauce, cheese and turkey bacon than I add t…

Simple Woman's Daybook- The Abridged Version

Today's Daybook is going to be short and sweet. We are travelling to Buffalo to visit Grandma and Grandpa P and to take our dog Cooper to his new home.

I will be gone for a few days, but have some posts scheduled and will check in from Buffalo. Have a blessed week!

Pray for safe travels for us!

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Just Jump

It is truly funny how life works.

Today was the last day of swim lessons. J got to jump off the diving board today. I was poised with my camera to take a shot by shot view of him jumping into the water. Well, the whole process took quite a while. After I got home and looked at the photos, I realized there was a lesson in it for me too!

Just Jump

How many times in life does God ask us to try something new, something unexpected? We say, OK Lord, I will "jump". We get to the end of the "diving board". Ready to jump. Suddenly fear sets in.

Can I do this? Wait, I am not sure I am ready. I am here, ready to act, but I am afraid.

How far do I have to go? What do you want me to do again, Lord? OK, I think I can. You would not ask me to do it, to get to the end of this "board" and turn around.

Fear seizes you. Suddenly,there is someone there telling you, "You can do it." It would be OK too, if you turned around and did not jump. But you know you…

Way to Go, Mom!

Here are my small successes for the week:

1. Can I count getting my kids to swim and tennis lessons everyday this week as a success? Please say, yes!

2. I am still managing to keep on track with my exercise and eating program. I feel great and have lost weight. I have decided though, I may throw out the scale . . . it gets discouraging to see that numbers fluctuate so much. One week, I have lost 12 lbs overall, the next it says only 6lbs????? Oh, well, I feel great and am going to stick with it!

Going along with this one: One day this week, I took two of the boys with me for a 3.5 mile brisk walk (they were in a stroller). We had a great time . . . I even slowed down enough to go by a small pond and allow the boys to get out of the stroller, run around and get Lily pads!

3. I was able to get several items listed on ebay this week.

What are your small successes?

Wordless Wednesday - The Pool Boys

Born in the USA, Baby!: Planet Wise Wet Bag Review and Giveaway

I have been cloth diapering for three years now and I love it. I have not always loved using cloth diapers and, to be honest, I almost gave up. About a year and a half ago, I realized two things:

(1) I had to keep on trying different diapers until I found the ones that worked for both me and my boys. As much as others could make recommendations, I needed to find what I liked best.
(2) Cloth Diaper accessories are essential. For me this included two things. A diaper sprayer and the right wet bag.

The Planet Wise Wet Bag

I have tried a few other wet bags, but I fell in love with the Planet Wise wet bag right a way. I bought it because I loved how cute it was, but I use it all the time because it is a high quality, well designed wet bag. I have the medium wet bag that I carry in my diaper bag. It is the perfect size for quick trips out and easily holds 1-2 cloth diapers.

Some of the Features of thePlanet Wise Wet Bag:
- It is made with colorful, trendy prints and a coordinating inner w…

Simple Woman's Daybook - July 13, 2009

From the Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window...
Beautiful and sunny. It will be a warm week!

I am thinking...
About family stuff. Trying to iron out vacations and visiting family. We are getting rid of our dog Cooper. It has been a long time in coming. My parents were able to find a good home for him. He is a good dog, just not a good fit for our family. He is 95 lbs and knocksthe boys over a lot (and uses them as chew toys). So, I am thinking about how to get him up to NY and how to organize my workouts too while I am there.

I am thankful for...
My husband and having him home all weekend. I love when he does not have to work on a weekend!

From the learning rooms...
Lots of summer reading. Trying to convince J that reading on his own is not as bad as he thinks it is.

From the kitchen...
Still have not planned out the menu . . .

I am wearing...
Shorts, black t-shirt and bare feet. (I must like this outfit on Mondays . . . I have worn it the last three Mondays!!)

I am creating..…

Cool Catholic Clothing

I found this site called Romantic Catholic through another blog. They have some really neat, trendy t-shirts, all Catholic themed. Go check them out, they have some really nice t-shirts.

A giveaway I would like to win.

Two of a Kind is hosting a giveaway for a Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller. Go check it out!

My Mass Kit Giveaway Update

To all those who have entered, or are interested in entering this giveaway-

Please let me explain why the giveaway is "closed".

When I started this blog, I really had no intentions of opening it up to reviews and giveaways. I began it because I wanted to have a place where I could write and share pictures of the family so that my extended family could know what we were up to. About 8 months ago, I felt like God calling me to begin "something" that had to do with products that are Made in the USA. After a lot of searching and prayer, I settled on reviews and giveaways for products Made in the USA.

I saw an article in the Franciscan Way about Wee Believers and decided that I wanted to help them promote their product. So, after a conversation, they sent me a My Mass Kit to review and we decided to have a giveaway as well. After my boys tested out the kit and I began to process a review in my head, I felt strongly that my blog was NOT the place for the giveaway. For…

Way to Go, Mom!

This week is a hard one. I do not feel like I have gotten much accomplished, but, here we go:

1. I actually set up A's crib in his new room. Since the Great Room Change, he has been sleeping in a Pack n' Play. I thought I would move him into the room with the big boys once he started sleeping through the night, so I just left his crib in that room. But, he has been sleeping so well on his own, I have decided to leave him in the room by himself. So, I finally took the crib down and re-set it up in the other room. Why don't they make cribs that fit through doorways?

2. I started weeding my flower beds. With all the rain we have gotten, there are more weeds in the flower beds than flowers. I have filled one garbage can with weeds and I still have more to pull.

3. I finally filled out the census form that came. I got a second copy of it in the mail yesterday because I had not filled the first one out within the required 30 day time limit. They gave me 10 more days. It…

Wordless Wednesday - They actually look alike!

These two never seem to look alike, but on this day, in this photo, I think they look a lot alike!

Wedding Bells

8 years ago today wedding bells rung for me and my husband. It was a wonderful day. The weather was great, except for a passing shower. The wedding mass as beautiful. The music amazing. The reception was so much fun; surrounded by friends and family. I enjoyed every minute of that day.

And as great as that day was, every day since then has increased the joy of that day (Yes, even the really hard ones). It has been a wonderful 8 years. I am so thankful for my husband, so thankful for my boys, and so thankful for all of the blessings that have come our way because of our wedding eight years ago.

Simple Woman's Daybook - July 6, 2009

From the Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window...

I think it is going to be a hot one today!

I am thinking...
I need to hurry up with this post and get back to the pool . . . we had tennis at 8 AM and then swim lessons start at 10:50 AM.

I am thankful for...
That God is patient with me . . . I am a slow learner!

From the learning rooms...
Lots of summer reading.

From the kitchen...
Asian Beef Stir Fry tonight!

I am wearing...
Shorts, black t-shirt and bare feet.

I am creating...
A new cover for the cushions on our worn out rocker.

I am going...
To spend a lot of time at the pool for the next two weeks; lessons, lessons, lessons.

I am reading . . .
Twilight . . . . Yes, still reading it.

I am hoping...
To have a great Anniversary day tomorrow!

I am praying . . .
For some friends.

I am hearing...
The boys eating their second breakfast . . . I have a house full of Hobbits!

Around the house...
Still cleaning out. I still have stuff that I need to put on ebay . . . it has been going slow. Someone gave me…

Born in the USA, Baby!: Made Here, Baby! Book Review and Giveaway

When I started this journey to find products for moms, babies and families that are made in the USA, I was lost on how to begin. I spent hours on Internet searches and contacting companies (when the website did not list where the product was made). Just recently, I found the perfect resource for any mom who is looking to buy American made baby products. It is a book called, Made Here, Baby! by Bruce Wolk. I wish I had this book from day one.

Made Here, Baby!contains a wealth of information. The book starts off with a brief introduction about why the book was written and why someone should consider seeking out products made in the USA. Each chapter addresses specific product categories such as products for infants, children's clothing and accessories, children's furniture, sports and fitness equipment, and toys and games. The information is well organized and very easy to read. What I really like too is that Mr. Wolk also includes an interesting fact about the manufacture…

My Lil' Patriots

Happy Fourth of July!

On this Fourth of July, I think it only appropriate to study the document that is the reason we can celebrate this day today.

Have a Blessed Day. May you remember all of the Founding Fathers so that worked and fought hard so that we may live in this great country today.

The following text comes directly from the National Archives and Records Administration. Declaration of Independence: A TranscriptionIN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.We hold these truth…