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Way to go, Mom!


Here are my Small Successes for the week:

1. The "Great Room Change" is underway. We are moving bedrooms. My hubby and I had the big bedroom upstairs (with baby A), the boys were in the smallest room upstairs, and the boy's toys were downstairs in one of the bedrooms. My hubby and I are now downstairs (K, this AM, looked at us and said "Why were you sleeping in the playroom?"). The boys are in transition to the big bedroom upstairs (where their toys will be as well). A will be in the "spare room" upstairs until he starts sleeping through the night. There are several reasons why we are doing this. First, A needs to be out of our room. As much as I love seeing the little boy sleep, I have realized that I really need to get a good night sleep. And, the only way I think that will happen is if Baby A is not in our room. Second, I am hoping that this will help in effectively using all the space in our house. I sometimes feel that our house is so small. I am hoping with the room changes that it will "free" up more space.

2. I am continuing with my workout routine and new eating plan. I am so happy to say that my clothes is starting to get loose on me!!

3. The boys and I have spent some quality time reading most mornings this week. I think they could sit on the couch and listen to me read for hours!

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  1. NOT that you need it...but I bet it will be better for your marriage!!!


  2. Great job! We also implement space a little differently around here!

  3. Nice job! And I just noticed your profile. Hooray for Slow Food!

  4. We're moving rooms as well -- doesn't it feel good when it starts to happen? Great list!

  5. Hi!
    I'm new to your blog through Small Successes. I am really impressed with all you are doing as a parent, (i.e., homeschooling, teaching your kids the Catholic faith, using natural and organic products, etc.). You really are inspirational to me, a mom who is lucky her teeth are brushed in the morning. :)

  6. I left you an award on my blog!!


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