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Way to go, Mom!


Here are my Small Successes for the week:

1. I have worked out every day this week!!!!!! This is huge for me and I will probably write another post just about what I am doing, but I have decided not to allow the fact that baby A disturbs my sleep to be an excuse for me not to exercise anymore. With the exercise, I have also overhauled my diet. I find when I am not working out and I am tired, I tend not to eat as well and make less healthy dinners (which affects my whole family). I am pretty picky about the foods we eat anyways, but I am working on it even more.

2. I finished up "tutoring" at St Peter's this week. I have been tutoring there for 4 years and will miss it tons.

3. I worked on our front lawn this weekend. I treated it with grub killer, I fertilized it and I planted grass in some strategic areas. Our front lawn has always been the worst on our street (my only consolation is that we live on a very small street!). We have tried everything over the years and just cannot get grass to grow. But, I think we have found the problem . . . grubs!! I have been told it will take about a year to get our grass to come in, but that is OK with me!!

What are your small successes? View others here.


  1. LOVE this list! make me want to get off my 'arse' and attack the day and work out!!! Good for you!!!! GREAT job, I applaud you!!

    Other great successes too! I'm happy for you! much love!!!

  2. You have done a great job this week, especially with eating healthier and working out every day!!! Great Job!!!!!!


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