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Professor J

Since this is my first year homeschooling I have found that I like it a lot more than I thought I would and I am so different than I thought I would be in my approach. I am quite relaxed in my homeschooling style. Maybe it is because J is just 5, or maybe it is because I have realized that it is better not to take everything too seriously. Whatever the reason, I am much more lax than I thought I would be.

One reason I love to homeschool is the "trickle down" benefits to my 2 year old. He has learned so much just simply by sitting at the kitchen table with us while we do school. He calls his coloring his school work. He counts unbelievably well and knows more letters at 2 1/2 than J did. But, one area he is lacking . . . his colors. He is so bad a identifying his colors that either he is color blind, or I am failing miserably at his "two year old curriculum." And since, he is probably not color blind, I have decided to take some action. This week we made col…

Little Things Mean A Lot

Here is my list of small successes for the week:

1. The backroom is clean!!! The back room is clean!!! It has not been this clean in a year!!!!!

2. I got the summer clothes bins out. I have not switched the clothes yet, but just getting the bins out is a huge step for me. I do not usually change the clothes over this early, but I have realized that the boys are really just getting clothes out of the laundry basket lately. Their drawers are filled with clothes that no longer fit them and they only have a few outfits that actually fit. K, my two year old has been wearing J's sweatpants and shirts and J looks like he is ready for a flood!!

3. I have a field trip planned for tomorrow. Not a huge one, just a 20 min trip to the National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

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Simple Woman's Daybook - March 16, 2009

From the Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window...
It is overcast and dreary outside. It is slightly warm. At least, warmer than it has been. I am looking forward to Spring!!

I am thinking...
About a "talk" I have been asked to give at a Lenten "Woman's Night Out". The topic has been totally confirmed . . . I am pretty sure it is what God wants me to speak about, but I am still nervous!!

I am thankful for...
The gift of our home.

From the learning rooms...
Since my supervisor was questioning me on health and fine art, I have been putting effort into doing more with that (more structured). I have finally printed out the food pyramid info from We are going to go through it this week. I do not have to be too creative. It is amazing theactivity sheets and coloring pages that I found.

Also, for a little more for fine art: I got this idea stuck into my head and now I am working to bring it all together. Since it is Spring and flowers are…

Small Successes - #8

Here is my list of small successes for the week:

1. After spending a week on deliberating how to move the rooms around to create more space in our home, we have decided to leave all the bed rooms alone and just declutter . . . I mean really declutter. I have convinced my husband that we need to get rid of most of the books we have. He is getting his doctorate, so we have TONS of books, but he has agreed to let many of them go. So far I have cleared out all of the book shelves in the house. When he is home over the weekend we will tackle the bookshelves in the garage. Yes, we have bookshelves in the garage.

2. Over the weekend we cleaned out 3 of the closets in the house.

3. The boys and I have gone to daily mass twice a week so far during Lent and we have actually been able to stay in the church in a pew!!! That has made me so excited.

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The joy of boys - new additions!!

Inspired by my friend Mau's post on the Top Reasons Why 2 Rocks , I have decided to write a post about boys and why they are so great. I love my boys. I think that having boys is great!!

Being a mom of three young boys, I will often get pity from strangers while out and about. I must admit, this happens to be my biggest pet peeve. I hate, yes, hate when random strangers feel the urge to make derogatory statements to me about having all boys; especially right in front of my boys. I am not one to get into an argument with a stranger, so I usually just smile and walk away. This happened a few weeks ago while I was out with a friend. We were at Chick-fil-a and were getting ready to leave. J and K were standing in front of me and I had A in my arms. A lady walked in the restaurant, looked and me and approached me. She asked, "Are they all boys?" I replied, "Yes." She then shook her head, gave me a look of pity, and placed her hand on my head as if to pray o…

Happiness of Motherhood

A friend sent me this article and thought I would share it here. It encapsulates a mother's love for her babies, the joy in large families and the beauty of spending each day at home, raising children.


This is a really neat article written by my dad's mom during the Depression. Grandma had grown up as one of two children of a well-to-do merchant, and when she married Grandpa, he was a dirt-poor farmer. They were poor almost their whole life, and yet they raised 10 children, 8 of whom have remained faithful Catholics and have raised their own families. (We're praying for the other two to be reconciled to the Church). Anyway it's a short article, but it's really beautiful.

Happiness of Motherhood

By Winnifred St. Hilaire

It all started some fifteen years ago when the saintly nun who was my teacher advised us to petition St. Joseph in the job of finding a husband if we considered marriage to be our vocation. Out of school, I never ceased to do this periodically, a…

Training for an eating contest??

I think my 2 year old is training for an eating contest.

About a week ago, the boys and I were eating cereal for breakfast. I was sitting next to K and I noticed he was eating rather quickly. OK, he was piling food into his mouth at an amazing rate. Within a minute, he was done and looked at me and said, "I won mommy. You lost." I just laughed. I thought he was just being silly. But then it happened again at lunch with macaroni and cheese, and again at dinner with chicken, rice and peas. That evening I was really beginning to wonder, "What is he doing??"

Since that day, at least once a day, K will eat furiously and, when done, looks around and proclaims, "I won!" I try to tell him that he needs to eat slowly and, most times he listens, but every once in a while, he acts as if he is in an eating contest.

I guess I should be proud. Some moms are proud when their children grow up and want to dedicate their lives to the Lord. I will be proud when K e…