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Back to blogging!!

It feels as if I have been away for so long!! I am taking my mandatory rest time from cleaning up, so I decided to write a quick post.

Since my last post I found I had strep throat, K was "sidelined" for about 4 days with the stomach bug, and mid week J got the stomach bug AND strep throat. The boys are all better now, but I am not so lucky. I had one good day this week, Tuesday. My antibiotics for the strep were working and, even though I did not feel 100%, I was doing OK. By Wed, I started to feel really weak and tired all the time and on Thursday I officially had the stomach bug. Luckily the worst of it is over, but I cannot eat without feeling sick and I am so tired, that I get some work done and then have to rest for a while.

Right now I am playing "catch up" . . . there is tons of laundry to be put away . . . with three people in house with the stomach bug, there were tons of sheets, towels, blankets and clothes that continually needed to be washed. Luckily, it showed me that the boys must have grown and I really need to stock their drawers with clothes that fits them adequately. Pete did an amazing job doing everything around here, but there are still dishes to be done, surfaces to disinfect and mail to sort through.

Just with most things in my life, God was trying to teach me a needed lesson through this week of illness. Let me explain; on Wed. I was beginning to feel horrible. We had taken the boys to the Dr. (Pete stayed home from work to go with me). Afterwards, we needed to go grocery shopping and to get J's antibiotics. Pete said he would go, but I said no and that I would. I thought of a million reasons . . . I can do it faster, What if I forgot something on the list?, I did not want to inconvenience him. . . . . Well, I hopped in the car to go and as I was driving to the store, I thought, "What am I doing? I feel horrible and Pete offered to go." In that moment, God showed me something . . . I was robbing Pete of the opportunity to serve me. Pete was offering to serve me, take care of me and I said no! I realized that Pete wanted to love me by serving me and I was not accepting this gift.

Well, when I got home, I apologized. My sweet, sweet husband, just smiled at me, kissed my check and said, "I was wondering when you were going to realize that."

I am so thankful he is so patient with this imperfect soul!


  1. What an awesome revelation! I, too, am guilty of robbing my husband of opportunities to serve me due to my failure to let go. Really wonderful post. Hope you all recover fully and soon!

  2. boy do we need to talk...are you the oldest? Maybe it is because I am the youngest or just really spoiled...let others grow in holiness...even if it means serving you for a time!!! Keep up the good work and relax and pray!!! +JMJ+

  3. I am the youngest of two, but, according to those who study birth order, I would be considered an only child because my brother is 7 yrs older. I am used to doing things on my own . . . it is a problem I have!!


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