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I was reading this blog that I stumbled upon a while ago. The blogger was writing about the financial crisis and her worries and how she and her family are trying to live more simply. It got me thinking.

I have never been one for simplicity when it came to living life and finances. At least, I never thought myself as a thrifty person, that tries to live simply and cut corners. Over the last several years, and again, over the last several months, I find myself just naturally tending toward simplicity. I must admit, I like it. Because of it, I feel a real rhythm to life and and increased closeness to God. I am not sure where it it coming from. Maybe it has to do with doing HIS will for my life.

Do not get me wrong, I have never been an extravagant person. Growing up, we couldn't afford to live that way and when I got my first real job, I was really only getting paid pennies. By the time I got married, I had a pretty good sense that, although I would love to have a big house and new car, it was probably not wise to do so. My husband is a great saver, so he tempered me a bit too. We, as a couple, learned to buy things used, shop for deals and wait. My great desires to get our garage converted, buy new flooring, a new TV, or something else, usually pass with time and I realize that those things do not have to be done "now" . . . I can wait. I am talking a great deal about the money side of simplicity, but there is more to it as well.

This simplicity is showing up in little ways. The first, cloth diapering. I never would have guessed that I would cloth diaper. I liked the convenience, cleanness and ease of disposable diapers. I do love the earth, but am by no means doing everything I can to "save it". I decided to cloth diaper for financial reasons . . . I was tired of spending so much money on disposables every month. Now, with two in diapers, I love cloth diapering. It is just as easy to me as disposables. Plus, I love how cute their bottoms look in cloth diapers!

A few months ago I started a clothes line too. This, for me, took a long time to want to do. Why have a dryer and barely use it? It was along the same lines as hand washing dishes . . . I have a dishwasher, I am going to use it!! But, with rising electric bills, one day, I thought, I have to do it!! Now, I love it. The clothes have a beautiful clean smell from the air. It is surprisingly soft. Clothes does not "pile up" anymore. I do only as much as I can put out on the line and as soon as it is dry, it gets folded and I get ready to put more out to dry. Plus, the process of hanging up the clothes takes time . . . it has become a great time of prayer for me. I look forward to heading outside with the laundry basket in hand, knowing that I will be able to have some quiet time with God.

I have noticed my grocery list change too. I have always loved to bake and cook from scratch, but since having children, I have not really found the time to do it as much as I would like. Lately, though, I make most things from scratch again. I try to buy organic and all natural items, as our budget allows, and over the last several months, I find myself buying tons of flour, dried beans, and other items that I use to create breads, soups, etc. I have to admit, my family is eating more when they sit down to dinner, than they did when I bought more "convenience" types of foods.

I am not very good at expressing myself at times, but I guess, what I am trying to say, is that attempting to live simply has added a richness to my life, to each day, that I did not expect.


  1. Oh how I loved using cloth!!! Nothing cleans cloth like the clothesline too!!! Sun really gets those stains!!! are doing such a great job!!!


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