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Week One of Homeschooling: Almost Done!!

With today's lessons over, we have almost completed the first week of home school. It is going well. We have had a few rough spots, as expected, and there have been times, I must admit, I wonder if this is really for me. God is really challenging me and He gave me Joshua as my first child to do it! He is very different from me when it comes to approach to school and academics and I am growing in patience even in this first week.

First, he LOVES Box Car Children. I am a bit surprised, but we are ahead of the schedule because he loves it so much. I love sitting on the couch reading it to him. He snuggles into me and sits there and actually gets upset when we are done and are ready to move onto something else. He is extremely attentive and I am amazed at how much he remembers from each chapter. It is almost as if that active boy in him (that wants to be moving all the time) becomes quite and completely attentive for a while. Sometimes when we are sitting reading, I envision what it would be like if he were in a classroom, listening to a teacher read it . . . I doubt he would listen as well or pick up as much. He would, most likely, be sitting on a hard floor, away from the teacher, and surrounded by other children. He would probably fidget and I am sure other children would as well (which would be much more fun to watch than to listen to the teacher). How much of the story would he really hear?

We also are reading Bible stories too, which he likes a lot. We have several children's bibles that he has read before, so he has heard many of the stories before, but he enjoys hearing them again.

Through these and Hero's Tales, I am working on his narration. This is a challenge. He has an excellent memory and throughout the day will share detailed information about what he read, but if you specifically ask him to tell you about what he just read, he will say he does not remember. This week has been difficult with that, but he is getting better. He knows now, after each story/ chapter that I will ask him about what he read and he has been getting a bit better every day.

Science . . . all I can say about this is that he loves it. I think this will be the area that he will excel in as he gets older. He grasps the concepts quickly and soaks up all he can.

I am using the Miquon Math series for him. It seemed to work well for him last year, but so far this year, he does not seem as excited about it. I am playing around with a lot of other things too. We practiced out counting and then practiced addition and subtraction with clothes pins. I am working to keep this as fun as possible.

Handwriting and English/reading are the biggest struggle for him. He is extremely intelligent and I know he knows his letter sounds, etc, but I think he is afraid he does not know it. I remember hearing at a conference once about the learning differences between boys and girls. The speaker mentioned that boys, more often than girls, will refuse to do work if they are not confident they can do it. That has stuck with me and I can see that with Joshua. The excitement he had for Handwriting Without Tears faded today and I could see frustration sneak in. He wanted to stop, but we pushed through. I tried to encourage him the best I could. When he finally got the capital R correct, he got the biggest simile on his face. We ended there. I wanted him to end with a success.

My 2 year old has been very good so far. We have a Leap Frog Fridge Phonics that I bring out just for him during school and yesterday I went to the store and bought him duplos. They sit in a container on top of the refrigerator and only come out during school work.

I have found that I need to work on getting into a better rhythm with everything else. I like to have out house neat and orderly. I work better when it is. But I have struggled to keep up with everything this week. I am experimenting with different schedules and ways to get all accomplished. I have a picture in my mind of how I would like our days to look. So far, we are not there yet, but I know that getting there may take time. I just keep plugging away at it and pray for the gift of Patience and Wisdom.


  1. I am so proud of week down. I can't believe you are blogging with all the other responsibilities you have going are such an incredible woman and I am so blessed to be be married to you.

    I love the picture of you with the boys. Your blog is very good.

    I love you!


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