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Family Vacation, The Final Day

Well, we have been back from vacation for a month now. It is about time I finish this.

The last day was another "driving day". As with the first day, we had no plans other than to drive and, if we saw something interesting, stop and even stay the night.

My hubby did most of the driving. I took over for a bit, but that lasted about a half an hour because A screamed continuously. I figured he would cry a bunch on the drive. He was in a sling, on me, for 5 days straight. He was going through withdrawl.

We made great time and only stopped for gas and then at a Chick-fil-a . . . you know you are in the South when they play CHRISTIAN Music at restaurant!! It was so refreshing to hear! At that point, we were only about 30 minutes from the VA border and it was only about 4 PM, so onward we went. At this pint, we figured we would just drive straight home. The K and J were being good, and A continued to cry. We figured it would just be best to get him home.

Every time we have driven on 95 to go to Williamsburg or other point South of DC, we have laughed at a sign that said "Stonewall Jackson Shrine. Next Exit." Being a Catholic, I have a pretty good idea of what I think a shrine should look like and who should have one in their name . . . last time I check Stonewall was NOT a Saint. So, intrigued at what this could possible be . . . we got off at the exit for the first time. As we travelled down a fairly rural road, I began to think that all this shrine may be is a Stonewall Jackson version on the bathtub Virgin Mary in someone's front yard. We turned down this little road and there was a small white building, "The Shrine." As we stood there and read the markers along the drive, we realized that this small building was where Stonewall died. I was a bit in awe that we were at the place that such a great General had died.

We stayed for a bit, packed up the boys and got back into the car. Now I was in a "Civil War type of mood". We were so close to Fredricksburg that we decided to go. Along the way we explained to Joshua that a battle had happened in Fredricksburg. Immediately, he knew he wanted two things while he was there; to see a cannon ball in the side of a house and to find a bullet from the battle. We went to see George Washington's sister's home. Jackpot!! TWO CANNON BALLS in the house!! J asked me to take picture after picture of the cannon balls. We walked around the property for a bit and the boys played Civil War with my hubby.

From there we went to "Sunken Road" another spot where the battle took place. This was the sot where the Confederates were lined up. It is not hard to see why the Union Armies got defeated. the Confederate Armies had perfect positioning. Anyways, we walked along the dirt path. J and K settled into sitting in the middle of the path and digging for bullets. An older couple walked by us at this time and asked what the baby is (A was in the sling and it was not obvious that he is a boy). I said "A boy," and the man said, "Oh, three boys! How wonderful!!". His wife also mentioned that she grew up in a home of all girls and it was wonderful to have all of the same sex in the house. As mentioned in another post, I am not usually greeted with joy when people find out I have all boys, so this response was the best response I have ever heard. I wanted to go up and kiss the couple and say thank you for being so positive. Because, it is wonderful having three boys!!

By the time we got back to the car, it was 8 PM. We stopped and got something to eat, dressed the boys for bed and headed home.

All in all it was such a great trip!!


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