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Family Vacation, Day 2,3,4,&5

Yes, I am doing the bulk of the vacation all at the same time. Not too much changed from day to day. On Tuesday we got up in the AM and had breakfast at the hotel. We then took the boys to the pool . . . the boys think anything is a vacation as long as we stay in a place other than our house and we swim in a pool!

We then loaded up the van and headed to Asheville. The road trip there was great . . . as we got close the Asheville area, we started driving through the mountains. J was mesmerized. He pointed to all the mountains and was in awe of each and every one. It was so great to see the excitement on his face . . . it is such a joy to experience the world in a new way with the kids, to see it through their eyes . . . before having children, I would have thought that this trip was just another car ride and I would not have noticed the beauty of God's creation in the mountains!!

We arrived, checked in and got settled into our room. That night was pretty uneventful. We went to dinner, and got the boys ready for bed.

The next morning, the conference officially began. The boys were going to "preschool" while we were in sessions. We dropped J off at his room and he seemed to handle it well. We then took K down to his . . . he seemed as if he would be fine. He walked in the room and began playing with toys. The fact that almost every other child that was in the room was crying did not seem to phase him.

My hubby and I headed off to the main sessions. The first speaker was done by video since his wife was sick. He is the president of CCL and he was discussing all of what is new with CCL. About half way through his talk, I decided to check on the boys. Each classroom had an observation room with one of those mirrored windows, so that we could see the kids, but they could not see us. J was fine, so I headed down to check on K. When I got down there, the director said they split the class because it was so big and K was in the new room. Well, I guess K did not deal well with the change, because he was crying. I resisted the urge to take him out of there right then and there. I heard the teacher say that she was going to take the kids to the play area outside, so I quietly walked away and hid myself behind trees. I stayed there for about 10 minutes and the whole time all I could hear was K screaming. He then very clearly and loudly said "I want Mommy! I want my blanket."
Now, what you may not know about my son, is that he is a real life "Linus". I think he would carry his blanket around with him everywhere if I let him (while sucking his thumb, of course!!). Knowing, that his blanket would make his life better, I ran to the room and got it. I snuck up to where he was, got one of his teacher's attention and threw the blanket to her to give to him . . . minutes later the crying stopped and he did not cry for the rest of the conference.

I went back to the session and waited for lunch time to get the boys. I must admit, even though the speakers the whole conference were amazing, my favorite time was when the sessions were over and we could pick up the boys. That first day when I went to get K, I walked in the room and called to him. he turned, saw me and got the biggest smile . . . he then ran to me and gave me a hug. Once the hug was over, still smiling from ear to ear, he pushed me!! I think it was his way of saying "I love you Mom, but am mad you left me!!"

The rest of the days passed uneventfully. I enjoyed the talks, the ability to go to daily mass as a family and the ability to go to Adoration and confession when the kids were in bed (Hubby and I would take turns). One of the nights, we took the boys to the look out on the property . . . the view was amazing!!

We met so many great families at the conference. Most, like us, with just a few more kids. Although, we live in such a great community here, it was good to meet other families from all over the country who are living out their faith.

Friday was the last day of the conference and Saturday (day 6) we headed home . . .

To be continued . . . .


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