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Homeschooling, Day #1

Yesterday we started school. I was anxious to begin since next week I start to "Tutor" for a homeschool tutorial. I wanted to make sure we had our routine down at least a little at home before I had to start something else as well.

I woke up earlier than normal, got my shower in and got ready for the day. I was even able to start a pot of coffee before the boys woke up (this was quite an accomplishment for me!!). The boys woke up and I really wanted to have a special breakfast for them and celebrate the beginning of school. My plan was to make muffins, but that did not happen, so we had french toast sticks (which was a real treat . . . I never buy them, but got two boxes of them in a food package, so they felt as though they were getting a treat).

The boys got dressed for the day and brushed their teeth. Luckily, just as we were ready to start, A, my baby, was ready to go down for his first nap, so I put him down and we began. We started with the Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer. We then read a bible story and the Saint of the Day story and got to our other work.

I am using the Sonlight Curriculum. I really like it . . . it has few flaws, but it is the curriculum that is most like Charlotte Mason's approach. I LOVE her theories on education. It just seems to fit what I envision for my children. I am reading Elizabeth Foss' Real Learning and love it . . . if I was more confident in my homeschooling abilities and scheduling abilities, I would have started the year with the Real Learning approach and the information at Serendipity, but I felt I needed to have a more structured year first, before I embark on that journey.

So, we did our reading in Box Car Children, Animals, Animals! and Everyday Happenings. J also worked on his Explode the Code work book and Handwriting Without Tears Workbook, chalkboard and wooden pieces. He loved Handwriting without tears!!! We struggled through letter writing in his preschool work and he seemed to have some difficulty with it, but now he seems to be doing much better with it. I hesitated buying Handwriting Without Tears because it was expensive, but now I wish I had gotten last year! We took several breaks so J could play with K a bit. Overall, K kept himself busy playing. When we read, we all read together on the couch. It was so nice to have J lean into me while reading Box Car Children . . . for some reasons I believe it made him pay attention better and focus on what he was hearing.

We finished with Math and a science project. For math we just worked on his counting and number recognition. We also began learning numbers and adding with dominoes. The last thing we did was we made a rainbow with a mirror and a glass filled with water . . . both J and K loved this.

All in all it was a good start. The day went well and I am excited to watchJoshua learn and grow in knowledge. I do wonder how K will handle it all and I still need to figure out how to work one on one time with him into the morning, but so far he is happy to work with us when he can and sit at the table and color other times. I also wonder, too, how I am going to get all the house work done . . . hopefully the house will not get too messy!!


  1. I just found your blog and am so excited to hear how your year goes. May it be full of joy, bonding and exploration.

    It is not surprising that Sonlight has flaws, but we are always interested in those areas where we can make it better. I would love to hear your thoughts. If you'd like to email me your suggestions, please do so at lholzmann[at]sonlight[dot]com.

    You can also leave your feedback on the Suggestion Box Forum. We take your feedback very seriously! Thanks for taking the time to help us make Sonlight even better!


  2. I will email you. It is nothing major. I really love Sonlight. It is the only curriculum that I found that truly fit what I believe home schooling should look like. Thank you for your work to help make home schooling easier!


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