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Blessed with full hands

I am new to the world of blogging and, really, there is a part of me that is surprised I am doing this. But, here it goes anyways . . .

The reason for "Blessed with Full Hands" . . .

7 weeks ago I had my third child, my third boy. As the weeks have passed, I have gotten up enough courage to take the boys to the library, store and even the pool. Many times it is quite a chaotic adventure, but most of the time it is just another trip out to run errands with the boys. Depending on where we go, the boys end up in different configurations.

Scenario 1: Joshua, my 5 yr old, walks, Caleb, my 2 year old, is in the main area of the cart and Andrew, is in his car seat in the top part of the cart. This arrangement usually causes the least amount problems unless Joshua decides he is tired of walking and either sits down in the middle of the store aisle, or lays down on the lower rack of the cart. Where others put bags of dog food, large packages of paper towels, I put my oldest son!

Scenario 2: Caleb and Joshua in the bottom part of the cart, baby in car seat in top. This works well until Joshua and Caleb decide they need more personal space and they start pushing each other. This usually ends in Caleb hitting Joshua and Joshua yelling.

Scenario 3: No shopping cart. Joshua walks, Caleb in the stroller and baby in a sling. This works, but makes it hard for me to actually shop or gets books off the library shelf.

In any of these different scenarios, wherever I am, I get many looks from others. For those of you with three or more children, you know the look .. . "Look at her, she has her hands full." Many people are bold enough to say it "Wow, three young boys. You have your hands full." Some days I just smile (. . . and think "I know!"). Other days, I get upset. I do not respond, not even a look. Those are the days that I want to ask, "What is wrong with having my hands full?" , "What is wrong with having three beautiful (did I mention active) boys?" Then I remembered . . . we have officially crossed over . . . we are no longer the average American family with 2.2 children. We do not fit what people typically think of when they think of "married with children." And that is why we get the looks and the people saying "You have your hands full."

Well, to make a long story a bit longer . . . I was walking into a store the other day with the boys. The baby was asleep in the Baby Bjorn Carrier, Caleb had one hand of mine and Joshua had the other. As I took a moment to think about the situation . . . Yes, I did have my hands full, but I felt so blessed. A sense of thankfulness came over me. I have three wonderful children that fill my life, and my hands, with many blessings.


  1. I've been getting these comments with only two boys close in age. (not quite two and ten weeks today :) ) I definatly have my hands full and am just beginning to experience the joy of one running off and having to pick him up and carry him out of the store while trying to maneuver a stroller. But I wouldn't have it any other way! Everyone is also amazed at how well behaved our older one is-ahem running away in bookstore aside-as if it is expected that a two year old can't ever behave, even for five minutes. And for all they know that could be the only five minutes he is behaving. These are the comments that bug me. Why have people given up on the idea of the good kid! As for the shopping cart they have the ones at your store with the little car in front that has steering wheels and a horn? My two year old likes it but then again your two older ones might fight and you wouldn't even be able to see them doing it. Plus all the weight is in the front then and the back wheels of the cart never want to stay on the ground. Oh nevermind back to the drawing board...


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