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A Year of Thanks

We just put the boys to bed. I wanted to post a "year in review", but would much rather spend the last few hours of 2008 with my hubby (and sleeping . . . I am well past the days of wanting to stay up till midnight!). So, instead, I am going to write what I am thankful for:

- Little Andrew coming into our lives!! We love you A!!
- My husband! He is such an incredible man. I do not know what I would do without him!
- Starting our journey of homeschooling. Watching Joshua learn (and Caleb too!). Getting to be in this journey with both of them.
- Seeing the Pope when he came to DC. We were withing 5 feet of him. I cried like a baby. He is such a holy man and has a gentle spirit. I felt so blessed to be able to be in his presence.
- Family: The older I get the more I realize how much I love my family (my parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents). Family is so important.
- Our family of friends! I love where we live, simply because I love the people here. We are so blessed to k…
From the Simple Woman's Daybook . . . I am starting this to get back into a rhythm. I felt that we were in such a good rhythm before. We got off track while concerned about Andrew and now that all is well and we had a wonderful Christmas, I am determined to get back to a natural rhythm of life.

FOR TODAY December 30th ...

Outside my window... It is sunny and nice. Cool, but a beautiful day!

I am thinking...
I am so happy to be home. We had a great Christmas in Buffalo, but life is easier in your own home!

I am thankful for...
My parents' generosity in opening their house to our busy family for Christmas. It was nice to feel taken care of and not worry about cooking!!

From the learning rooms...
We are taking a break from school right now, but still reading a bunch of books!

From the kitchen...
We are going out to dinner tonight! I am planning the meals for the rest of the week: Spilt pea soup, roasted chicken, beef barley soup.

I am wearing...
A blue/gray soft …

That Was Magical!

Every year at this time, Santa comes through our town on a fire truck. For the four years we have lived here, we have seen Santa drive down our street on the truck, with all the lights and sirens going. The first two years, J was scared and cried. Now, he cannot wait, and this year was no exception. He gets so excited, in fact, that I usually do not tell him in advance, I just wait for him to hear the sirens. But, the day before, he heard some moms at playgroup taking about it. So, for the whole day that Santa was coming, he was on edge and as soon as it got dark outside, he waited on the couch in front of the window to see if Santa was coming down the road.

At about 7 Pm we heard the sirens. J and K ran to get coats and shoes on. J could see the lights from the fire truck. Santa was close. We could see the firetruck going up and down neighboring streets. J could barely stand the excitement. He kept asking,"When is he going to come down our street?" By about 7:4…

The Cry Room?

This Sunday we went to another church for mass. We were running on time for the 10 AM at our church, but when we got to the van to go, we realized we had forgotten to take a bunch of stuff out and put the seat and car seats back in. Luckily, a local church has a 10:30 AM mass. The boys love going to this church because they have donuts after all masses, every Sunday (ours only has donuts once a month).

When we got there, Pete and I split up. Pete went with J in the main church and I took K and A into the cry room. Now, I must admit, I like the idea of a cry room. I like to have a place where I can be with the boys if they are acting up, so they do not disturb mass. Also, I see it as a place to "train" K to sit quietly at mass. But, I think sometimes I must be the only one who sees it that way . . .

This Sunday it was like a "free for all" in the cry room (OK, it is usually like that every time I have been in one). There were kids walking around. Parents talk…

When in doubt, it is probably under the couch!

Sunday K woke up from his nap and, seeing the rest of the family in slippers, immediately began to ask for his. We keep shoes and slippers for the boys in a bin in the kitchen. I went to look for them and only one of his slippers was in there. I began my search over the whole house. I could not find the other slipper anywhere. Just when I was abut to give up, I figured I should look under the couch. There it was, along with about 10 toys that have been MIA.

I guess I should clean under the couch more!! I usually forget about cleaning under there unless something is obviously sticking out.

St Andrew Chaplets

I am finally getting around to posting about these. We finished them about a week and a half ago and I really liked how they turned out. I wanted to make paper beads for all of them but that will but be a project I will not repeat soon.

To make the paper beads, I cut the strips and had J use the glue stick to put glue on the paper. Well. as any 5 yr old would, he used way too much glue, and as I rolled the paper, it stuck to my fingers and made it very difficult to roll. I had him help me with about 30 and then I figured I would finish them after the boys went to bed. I will say they got easier the more I did, but when they were all dry and complete, only about 40 (of the 60 I needed) were usable. Although I am "thrifty" and did the paper beads because I thought it would be a fun craft project and cheaper than other beads, I am also of the mindset that "time is money" and the paper beads just took too much of my time. Luckily, I had some beads around the hous…

Balancing Thrifty and All natural

We are a thrifty family. For many reasons, we are thrifty. To save money. Because things are so expensive. Because my husband works for the church. So we stay debt free. You name it, we have good reasons to scrimp and save.

We do not have a strict budget, but we do adhere to one. We do not have a lot of extravagant things. My father makes fun of our, non-HD, small, non-cable/fios/comcast TV when he comes to visit (I keep telling him if he wants us to have a bigger TV, he will have to get us one for Christmas (maybe this year!!) Most of our furniture is either second hand (that we got for free) or we bought on Craigslist (and with three boys, I see no reason to buy any furniture NEW . . . they are destructive!!). We buy most clothes at a Thrift store or on a major sale. And most of our boy's toys come from freecycle, the thrift store or someone else bought them for the boys. Even though we are thrifty, we never seem to want for anything. We are very blessed that way.

But t…

An Early Christmas Gift

I am so happy I did not have to wait until Christmas for this gift!!

Yesterday, we found out that A does NOT have long QT syndrome. Let me update you. For the last two weeks we have gone back and forth with our insurance company, the cardiologist's office, and the lab that does the blood test. Right before Thanksgiving, we decided to get the blood test done, even though our Dr was still on vacation. Because of offices being closed for the holiday, we decided to wait till after Thanksgiving for the blood to be drawn. The Wed before Thanksgiving, the cardiologist called. He explained that the 24 hr EKG is not used to measure the QT interval. The only information he got from the 24 hr EKG was that A did not have any irregular heartbeats. He said that A was borderline for LQT but that since the blood test was going to cost us a lot of money out of pocket, he wanted us to come in and do another EKG in the office to see if the blood test was really necessary.

Well, we had to wait a …

Great Website for Coloring Pages

Each day in advent the kids have been doing coloring pages from Advent Adventure. K really wanted to color baby Jesus and since today's coloring page did not include baby Jesus, I searched the internet for a good coloring page. There are some great coloring pages at Praize Kids. The boys are working at coloring the Little Drummer Boy. It is their favorite Christmas song (This should not be a surprise since they play drums around the house all the time and LOVE the fife and drum band at Williamsburg!!)

Theology 101

I am not one of those moms who teaches her kids all the names of the Popes, what happened at what Church council, nor have I had them memorize Jesus' lineage. For right now, I want to develop in my children a real love for Jesus and for the Church. But, every once and a while, I try to slip in some of the amazing revelations of our faith.

This morning we started our school day in prayer sitting in front of our Jesse tree. I read the scripture that corresponded to today's ornament (a ladder for Jacob's ladder). J put the ornament on the tree and I got inspired . . .

I began to explain to J and K that the Jesse tree ornaments that we would place on the tree and the scriptures that we would be reading each morning talk about God's relationship with His people and His promise to His people. And that we are beginning at the bottom of the tree and will be getting closer and closer to the top, to the star we placed on the tree. And that that star represented the fulfillme…

Homeschool Humor

J is not a morning person. He usually does not want to do anything for the first hour he wakes up. So, to get him excited about starting school, we have started a tradition of singing a silly song about school while eating breakfast. It goes like this:

School, school, school is cool
school, school, school,
school is cool . . .

Well this morning, while singing it, I added another "verse"

. . . especially homeschool

J, not missing a beat, immediately added his own verse to my new one

because it's shorter than the other school . . . .

The Terminator

If you look closely, you will notice his eyes are glowing red!!

Advent, school and other things

Today has been a busy day. With last week off from school, it was good, but a bit hectic, to start up again today. It will be good to get back into the routine of school.

I feel a bit "manic" today. Growing up my parents always said that I got the best ideas "in the eleventh hour" and that has not changed as an adult. I like to plan, but when it comes down to it, I will often change my mind at the last minute and have a better idea 5 minutes after I needed it. I work like a mad woman to get the new idea in motion.

Advent is like that this year. Last year we made an Advent Chain and used our Christmas tree as a Jesse tree. Each day had a saint or a scripture on the link of the chain and we learned about the saint or reflected on the scripture (relating to Jesus' conception and birth) up until Christmas. This year I wanted to do something different. This year I made a Jesse tree out of construction paper (it looks like a Christmas tree). Each bow correspo…

Contest Reminder

I am posting way too much today!! But click on the square to check out a great contest.

The Saga Continues

The cardiologist this AM (Wednesday). This is the first time I have actually gotten to talk to him since our office visit. I have talked to his nurses and gotten many messages from him, but this was the first time I could ask him questions.

As of right now, the blood test will be done after Thanksgiving, but I wanted to talk to the cardiologist to see why it needed to be done. Well, he said that the 24 hr ECG did come back normal. Meaning, no irregular heartbeats, BUT it does not accurately measure the QT interval (which is the problem). So, they go by what was done in the office for that. And that showed his QT interval to be long, but still in the normal range. Since he is on the border, he needs the blood test. But since the test costs so much money, the Dr said that we should do anther ECG just to make sure A needs the blood test. SO, next week, baby A will have another ECG.

My emotions are so mixed about this. I have gone from worried, to at peace, to, now, ? I do not kn…

Thanksgiving Preparation

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am hosting again this year. It will just be my hubby's parents and my parents and us, so not a big crowd, but I manage into making it a lot of work.

For the last week I have been cleaning. You know, the areas of the house that no guest will see, but that you HAVE TO HAVE CLEAN. The drawer under the oven where I keep all bake ware. The Tupperware cabinet (that was horrible . . . every time I opened it a new piece to tupperware fell out onto the floor, but not anymore). My largestcleaning project is our back room. It was our office, but since we have moved the computer to the living room, that room has been horribly neglected and a MESS). I have spent a great deal of time in there, throwing things out, organizing them. Again, no one will go into it, but my goal was to have it clean for Thanksgiving, so it is getting done.

Other cleaning projects will have to wait till tomorrow morning. I have a 2 yr old and a 5 yr old, so it does not make sense f…

Happy Birthday Hubby!!

Yes, I am a day late posting this!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday with us yesterday. We love you so much and are so thankful that many years ago, God Blessed the world with you!! You are such a wonderful man. You are kind, sweet, generous and loving. I cannot wait for the many more birthdays to come.

Great Giveaway!!

The Cloth Diaper Whisperer is giving away $175 in cloth diapers this week. Click here to check it out.

One of those days

Have you ever had one of those days? You know, the kind where you fall more and more in love with your kids and realize that you are so blessed to have them.

I had one of those days today.

There was nothing special or out of the ordinary today. Today we had some errands to run. Sunday is my hubby's birthday and we wanted to get him a gift. So the boys and I headed out. We went to our favorite thrift store (yes, for anyone who does not know, we do shop at thrift stores!!! We are on a budget, and you would be amazed at the great things you can find.) Anyways, the boys were little angels there. They did not beg for toys. They did not complain. They were so good. We were there for about an hour. We got a present for my husband and few other things.

Since it was passed lunchtime (and passed Caleb's nap time) and we were so close to Ikea, I asked the boys if they wanted to go there for lunch. We LOVE Ikea . . . . great places for the boys to play and inexpensive, good food.…

All I want for Christmas . . .

. . . is to know that baby A is OK . . . allow me to "vent" a bit . . .

It has been a little over a month now that we have been waiting to hear from insurance as to whether they will cover A's blood test and how much of it. After talking to the rep from the company that does the test two weeks ago, I felt pretty confident that the insurance would cover 90% of the test and our deductible would be covered, so when all was done, the test would cost us around $600.

We finally got word at the beginning of this week. Insurance will cover only 60% of the test and because it has taken so long our deductible went up from $0 to $500 (because it will not get billed until to 2009). So, when the bill comes in, it will be over $2,000.

When I heard this, I was upset. That is a lot of money for a blood test that, according to all other results, did not even seem necessary. Before I would agree to the test, I called our cardiologist to see why it is essential that A have this test do…

Am I the only one??

I promise I will get off politics as a topic, but when I see things like this, I just have to share.

The following is a quote from the Washington Times. The article was concerning appointment of judges. Read this quote, which includes something that that our president-elect said, and tell me if something just "doesn't seem right."

Mr. Obama put conservatives on guard with a 2001 radio interview, while still a member of the Illinois State state Senate, in which he complained that Chief Justice Earl Warren's court - one of the most liberal in the Supreme Court history -'didn't break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution' in order to bring about 'redistribution of wealth.' (emphasis mine)

Now here is the Oath Of Office he will take in January:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserv…


Dear Lord Jesus, we come before you today and intercede for Barack Obama. Lord, may you guide him and give him clear knowledge of you and the principles that this great nation was founded upon. Just as the founding fathers looked to you for guidance to rule this nation, may Barack Obama come to know you and desire to govern this Nation, as You want him to. May he protect the sovereignty of this nation and fight for the rights of each citizen, born and unborn.


Books I like

Since the feast of All Saints was Nov 1st, I thought I would share my favorite saint books.
Saints :Lives and Illuminations and More Saints: Lives and Illuminations are beautiful books. The pictures of the saints are beautifully done and the stories are well complied to keep children interested.
We have enjoyed reading them in our house!

Proud Mama

Today I am so proud of J and I just want to share . . . he is really reading!!!!! Today seemed to be a breakthrough.

I have had difficulty finding the right reading program for him. A popular one, that many people I know used for their kids, failed miserably for us. We could not even get through one of the sub-lessons of the "100 easy lessons". Another one: Explode the Code . . . which he loves (and I really like too . . . we still use as a supplement), has so much handwriting intermixed with the phonics, that often the pages were a struggle for him. Plus, although it has great pictures, he would often look to the pictures to figure out what the word is instead of relying on his own knowledge of the written word (even if I covered the picture, he would try to see through the paper to see what the picture was!).

About a month ago I read about Alpha-phonics. I researched it and decided to try it out. It is very simple. There are no pictures, only sounds and word groups ba…

Rosaries for Life

Someone sent me an email about this. This is a great way to pray for our nation, our president-elect and for the culture of life. Click here to sign up and for more details. It starts today, so go now!! Rosaries for Life also has a blog that is updated daily. Click here for that.

A fun book and some honesty

While in Williamsburg last week, we met a great family. After seeing them at Colonial Williamsburg for three days, Pete wanted to get a photo of our two boys, who were dressed in Colonial garb, with their three kids, who were also dressed up. After the photo was taken, the mom, out of the blue asked if we homeschool. I thought it was a little strange that she ask. She did not know us, and Joshua does not necessarily look like he is of school age yet. But she asked anyways and I answered "Yes." She smiled and made some comment on how she thought so because homeschoolers "look alike."

Anyways, we talked for a while and the kids played together. Her kids were 13, 11 and 9, so she had a great deal more experience than I. She readily gave advice, which was great to hear (maybe I will share in another post). Pete, who is much better at asking questions than I am, asked if there was any website, blog etc she recommended. She said the Familyman. She then mentione…

Prayer for the President-Elect

Dear Lord Jesus, we come before you today and intercede for Barack Obama. We ask that You be with him and guide him and his presidency. May he come to know the sanctity of Life from conception to natural death. We ask Lord that you guide him in his selection of his Cabinet. As he chooses the men and women that will help him to run our nation, may he chose men and women that respect life and will uphold the Constitution.

Lord bless him and his family. Protect them and draw them closer to you.


The Election

You cannot get away from it . . . the election . . . we have elected a new president.

I stayed up late last night, watching the results come in. Listening to McCain's speech. Listening to Obama's speech. As the night went on, my emotions changed from hope to anger to peace. This morning, the peace is still there, but I am so sad. I am at peace because I ultimately know that God is in charge and His Will Be Done. Christ, not man, is my Hope. And I trust that no matter what comes, He is faithful to the end.

I am saddened about the disregard for life that our president-elect seems to have and what effect that will have on all parts of his presidency. I am saddened that people today do not seem to remember the Constitution of the United States of America and the principles on which this country was founded. I am saddened too, because I feel as if I did not do enough.

Since reading Chaput's Render Unto Caesar and just being in Colonial Williamsburg, I have been reminded abo…

My Little Soldier

J, I guess, is like any boy. He loves to play soldier. He particularly likes to pretend he is a Colonial Soldier in the Revolutionary War. I think that is part of the reason we go to Williamsburg on vacation. He loves going there. Eventhough we had planned to do other things on this vacation, we ended up going to Colonial Williamsburg everyday. Both J and K would ask to, so off we went.

J has a Colonial hat, a rifle, and a coat that looks like a solider coat. He dutifully wore his hat and coat every day while we were there and carried his gun with him wherever he went. He would march behind the fife and drum band as they marched down the street. I must admit, I would start to get teary eyed when he did. I guess I am just a dorky mom that way. It was so cute to see him march so well behind the band. He would remain serious and never break out of character or falter with his gun. There were so many people that took his photo too . . . I think others took more photos of him th…

Everything Old is New Again

We have been struggling with discipline lately. Timeouts just do not seem to be working like they used to. Luckily, our trip to Colonial Williamsburg gave us some new ideas . . .

The Law Of Entropy

There is a law in physics that is called the Law of Entropy. Basically put, it states that the universe tends to go from order to disorder. Anyone want to see proof of this law can come to my house.

(A disclaimer: Before reading the following. I may not be the best housekeeper in the world, but I do try to keep it clean, neat and sanitary . . . this little guy just flies under the radar!!).

I have a very special entropy maker: my 2 yr old. He thinks our kitchen floor is his second plate, that he can leave food on when done eating a meal, and come back to it later and eat off of it if he wants a snack. Because he has the charming habit of leaving food everywhere, I try to limit him to the kitchen while eating, but sometimes he sneaks it out without me knowing. Usually the food that escapes is the perishable kind.

A few weeks ago we were cleaning the play room. This room gets cleaned several times a week, but I rarely inspect the toys to make sure food is not stuck in them. Well, w…

School on Vacation?

A friend asked me yesterday if we plan to do any school while on vacation. My answer: yes. We were a bit sporadic with school while waiting for baby A's test results, so I need to make up a little ground. I have simplified our plans, so I do not need to bring tons of books, etc, but it should be fun. These our our plans:

1. Handwriting: I am sticking with Handwriting Without Tears, I am just not bringing our wood pieces
2. Reading: Alphaphonics
3. Math: I am bringing a set of dominoes . . . someone taught me a great game to teach counting and addition using dominoes. We will be doing that all week.
4. History: Thanks to my friend Sam who is lending me tons of books, The American History Lesson at Serendipity and the Library, we are spending the week learning about Colonial times and the Revolutionary War.
5. Science: No formal plans . . . that is the beauty of being a science teacher, I can make it up as we go along!!
6. Saints/Bible: We will continue to use Sonlight and Saint of th…

Getting Ready to Time Travel

Almost two weeks ago we got back Andrew's 24 hr EKG results . . . they came back normal. It looks like he does not have Long QT Syndrome. As soon as we heard this, Pete and I looked at each other and said "We need a vacation." The stress of not knowing if Andrew had a serious heart condition had gotten to us and we needed just some good, family time away.

So, in just one day, we are headed to Williamsburg, VA. We have gone there every year for the past 3 years.

The house if filled with excitement . . . each day for the past 5 days, J has done the count down to Williamsburg as soon as he has woken up.

And, no, we have never been to Busch Gardens (the amusement park). Although, I have heard it is a lot of fun. We go to all of the historical attractions. Believe it or not, my kids love it! I think if we could go to Colonial Williamsburg every day we are there, and see the fife and drum band march the streets, my 5 year old would be perfectly content. So, this time, we w…

How to teach this homeschooling mom to "chill", in 100 easy lessons

I think if there were a book like this, I would buy it and read it from cover to cover as soon as possible.

If I wrote it, it would go something like this:

Lesson 1:
Part 1: Buy a bottle of wine
Part 2: Pour a glass of wine and drink it.

Lesson 2:
Part 1: Make a list of all the things your child struggles with in school.
Part 2: Make a list of all the things your child does well in school
Part 3: Burn the first list and put the second on therefridgerator so you can focus on the things your child does well.

My biggest struggle with homeschooling is worrying that I am not doing enough with J. Is he where he needs to be in reading, writing, math? Is he learning discipline and hard work? Is he learning that learning is fun?

When we are doing the lessons, most days, I love it. He does his work well and it is fun for me too. But, there are times when I begin to take it all too seriously. I wish he had a magic switch that I could turn on and that he could instantly know how to read, write his le…

I think Rich would like them better.

I told J to clean up his toys and if he did not, I would clean them all up, get rid of them, and give them to charity. While cleaning, Joshua said, "I think Rich would like them better." When I asked J who Rich was, he replied, "A boy at soccer practice."

I was confused. So, then I asked him, "Why would Rich like your toys better?" J said, "Because Rich is a boy, Charity is a girl."

The election, voting, and Our Lady

This past week has been a disturbing one for me as I read or listened to the national news about the election. According to most new programs, web news, and polls, the election is "over". A winner has been declared.

I had no intentions of watching the debate this week. I know who I am voting for and listening to both candidates dance around answering questions, did not seem appealing to me. So, I went to bed early. Once in bed, I could not sleep. The outcome of the election weighed heavily on my mind. I began to pray. I got concerned when I thought about the future and what this nation will be like when my sons are adults. I think this election is critical. After praying for a half hour, I jumped out of bed and went downstairs. The debate almost over, I sat with my husband and we talked about it all.

Since then, I have seen headlines of how McCain has dropped in the polls, seen the news where they say that Obama will win the election, and, unfortunately, watched the …

Girl Power

I am a day late in posting this, but Happy Feast day St Teresa of Avila!!

In a time when so many talk about how women are advancing in political life, etc, I thought about all the strong women in the Church. St Edith Stein (Benedicta of the Cross), St Catherine of Siena and St Teresa of Avila. I am reading Interior Castle right now, and yes, she is truly a strong woman of God. If we women are looking for role models, we need look no further than this amazing woman. Go here to read about her life.

A Movie Worth Watching

I have been quite sleep deprived lately. Baby A wakes up about every 1 1/2 -2 hrs at night, so I am a bit blurry eyed by 9 PM. So when Pete put in a movie called Saint Anthony at 9 PM on Saturday, I was less than interested. I was sitting reading a book called Why Gender Matters and I did not want to watch a movie, plus I just wanted to go to sleep. I had every intention of leaving Pete to watch the movie by himself. But, within about 15 minutes, I was hooked. Maybe it was the fact that the movie was in Italian and I had to read the subtitles to know what was going on, but, whatever it was, I go very involved in the movie. By the end of it (and we stayed up way too late to finish it that night), I was surprised at how much I liked it.

I am usually not one for movies about saints' lives. Maybe, I have not seen enough of them, but the ones I have seen depict the saint as too "saintly" and not real enough.
(They are cheesy . . . Brother Sun, Sister Moon is at the top …


I was reading this blog that I stumbled upon a while ago. The blogger was writing about the financial crisis and her worries and how she and her family are trying to live more simply. It got me thinking.

I have never been one for simplicity when it came to living life and finances. At least, I never thought myself as a thrifty person, that tries to live simply and cut corners. Over the last several years, and again, over the last several months, I find myself just naturally tending toward simplicity. I must admit, I like it. Because of it, I feel a real rhythm to life and and increased closeness to God. I am not sure where it it coming from. Maybe it has to do with doing HIS will for my life.

Do not get me wrong, I have never been an extravagant person. Growing up, we couldn't afford to live that way and when I got my first real job, I was really only getting paid pennies. By the time I got married, I had a pretty good sense that, although I would love to have a big house …

Lord Grant Patience Now, Please!

Patience is not a virtue that I have a lot of. I have grown very patient with my children, but when it comes to other things, I usually do not have much patience. Waiting for answers is hard for me.

I got a call from baby A's cardiologist's office today. The pursuit to get insurance to pay for the very expensive blood test to see if he has Long Qt syndrome is set in motion. The very nice woman on the phone said I should get a call in 2-3 weeks with the final "offer" from insurance. If we agree to pay the rest, we then can have the blood test done. 2-3 weeks???? I was a little surprised at that. I knew that paper work and hoops to jump through can take a while, but I was really envisioning taking baby A this week for the blood test. I was discouraged when I got off the phone.

In an earlier post, I said not knowing was the worst, well, I think this is worse. Now that we have a name to what he could have, and I have read about it, I am quite jumpy. J and K ye…


Lately that word has been so much a part of my life. Since homeschooling. I have felt us, as a family get into a real daily rhythm. When in it, I feel at peace and close to my family and to God. It is further confirmation that we are on the right path.

In the last week I have come to realize the importance of rhythm in another area . . . baby A's heartbeat. Since my last post about this, we have seen a cardiologist. A name was given to what was thought to have caused his fainting spell. Long QT Syndrome. I still do not know much about it, except it can be life threatening and cause sudden death. Baby A's preliminary EKG shows that he most likely does NOT have it. The measurements were borderline and got better at rest. I must admit, hearing that set my mind at ease a bit. He is, most likely, OK. He finished his 24 EKG test and will have a blood test soon. Hopefully, Long QT syndrome can be completely ruled out in the next few weeks. That is my prayer.

Although all thi…

The Power of Prayer

This is a post I did a few months ago on a marriage enrichment blog I am helping my husband with. I have temporarily "shut down" the blog since I do not have time for it.

Since I am still a bit out of it and backlogged on everything around the house . . . I do not have time to write a post here either, so here is a re post from Felicity.

I love to pray. Years ago, when I was single, and had no children, I thought nothing of going to adoration at 1 AM. I could spend hours in front of Our Lord. I miss those times and I often yearn for them now. But, life has changed. Now, with three boys, I find myself praying throughout the day when washing dishes, changing the boys, doing laundry, or nursing Andrew. I will admit, I do not get to pray as much as I would like (or probably need too!!).

Pete and I give a talk to engaged couples on prayer in the family. We talk about individual prayer, couple prayer and family prayer. The crowd is a mixed crowd . . . some couple go to holy hours to…

We interrupt this blog . . .

I have not had a chance to write in a while. I wish I could write about our week of school. Our fun trip to the Science Museum on Friday and how much fun the boys had. I wish I could spend a few minutes writing about how much I love Fall. I wish I could write about all of my favorite Feast Days of the Church happening this week. But, I cannot. My mind is a bit preoccupied.

Sunday baby A had a "fainting spell" (more involved than that, but I do not feel like writing exactly what happened). After a call to 911 and a visit from the paramedics, my little boy, who "came to" quickly, had to go to the ER to get checked out. We were there from about 6 PM till Midnight. After several tests and much waiting, I was told there were no major problems or concerns and we could go home.

Yesterday I had to take him to our pediatrician for a follow up appointment. I really expected our pediatrician to look at him, say all is fine and to send us on our way. That's why I …

My little political activist


Last week we went to our local Chick-fil-a. That particular night was Family Night. Kids get free kid's meals and they could get their face painted. Well, J and K wanted to be Spiderman. They were so cute. They ran around the play area "shooting webs". Joshua, who is normally shy, kept on wrestling with another boy who had his face painted like "the bad Spiderman".

Apples, Arrows, and Nature

It is hard to believe that we are already in week 5 of homeschooling. The days and weeks fly by and I now understand what many say when they say to treasure the time with your children because it will go by quickly. I guess that is why I am writing on this blog. So I can keep a journal about what we are doing. I look forward to the end of the year and review how far we have come.

I look forward to seeing J's progression. Last week we made a Nature Journal. At first, when I read that that would be a part of his work, I thought it a bit silly. He is 5, cannot write, and does not draw anything that is truly recognizable. So, on Friday, we put it together. Joshua was like a child on Christmas morning. I explained to him what he could do with it and what "Nature" meant. He could not wait to take it outside. As soon as it was done he took it outside and sat in the grass. He began to draw the clouds with his pencil. He also drew a cicada shell, a tree, and he collec…

Keeping up with the Joneses

Several months ago I read a book called The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey . It is a great book about managing your money and getting yourself out of debt (He considers anything that is not your mortgage that you are paying on, debt . . . some people do not see it that way). In that book, he says to stop trying to keep up with the Joneses because they are probably broke.

For some reason that stuck with me. I have always struggled with the desire to keep "up with the Joneses". In Christian terms, let's call it what it is . . . sin . . . coveting your neighbors' things. I have wished I could have someone else's house, their car, their husband's salary. Thanks to reading Dave Ramesy and some grace from the Holy Spirit, I gained a great deal of peace in this area.

But, over the last few weeks, I have realized that this mentality, "Keeping Up with the Joneses," can be found in any area of life. Homeschooling is no different, except that it coul…


This past Saturday, I took the boys to a special event at Goddard Space Center, called Launchfest. I originally had no intention of going. Matter of fact, I did not even know about it until about 11 AM on Saturday, after we had gotten back from CCD. I have been telling J that I would take him to Goddard for about a year now and this seemed like the perfect time to go. So, I got really excited and called my hubby (who had to work) to see if he thought I should go, by myself, with the three boys. He thought we should go (it is only one day a year after all). And I would be able to take the stroller, so I started to get ready to go. Right before we were going to leave, I started to lose my courage . . . take the three boys, by myself, to a place where there would be thousands of people??? Haul the stroller on and off a shuttle bus (with the three boys) just to get there?

. . . . Did I mention I would have the three boys by myself????

So, I asked J one more time if he really wanted…